General Retailers for consumption on or off premises. FY18 County Ordinance Changes. Top 10 winner since The business will still liable to pay the tax by the due date. Code of Virginia Section

Retail and wholesale merchants. Definition of Gross Receipts Businesses, professions, and occupations are assessed an annual tax based on gross receipts earned during the past year. Public utilities Telephone Telegraph Water, heat, light and power. Registration of the business entity. Law enforcement, attorneys, media and courthouse staff are exempted. Obtain a Free Smoke Detector.

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In-person assistance can be obtained Monday through Friday, 8 a. In an effort to improve the business license application process, the City has created a Permit Center where applicants can obtain the approvals and registrations needed by most businesses. Submitting the completed application with payment and all necessary approvals and documentation. Learn About the County Budget.

Business license applications submitted by mail must include payment of the business (npol) tax.

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Determine your business category For licensing purposes, businesses are categorized based on one the major categories listed on the Businese License application and the County Code. FY17 County Ordinance Changes. Taxpayers are free to withhold this information if they feel that providing it would raise concerns about privacy and data security.

business plan online (bpol)

City Code Sections through If any business changes location within the City, the business representative must fill out a new Interdepartmental Form and obtain all required zoning and code approvals as well as any permits that may be required, such as health permits. Renting of residential property Renting of commercial property. Off Sale Retailers for consumption off premises only.


Any business that ceases conducting business in the City in current calendar year may close the business license tax account by filling out the Cessation of Business form and returning it to: Apply for a Business Pln.

Annual Tax plwn Selling Unit. County Road Name Index. Copy of certificate of use A zoning clearance is required of all businesses. If staff is unable to obtain the necessary information, businesa will prepare a statutory assessment by reviewing the gross receipts or tangible personal property filings of a similar company. If a higher business license tax is assessed or if the licensee wishes to pay by other methods, the budiness tax may be paid at the Treasury Division in Room See below for tax rates.

Copy of trade name registration If your business trade name is different from the legal name, the trade names must be registered with the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The City has a limited time to respond.

business plan online (bpol)

Please contact the Health Department at for more information. Gross receipts are the whole, entire, total receipts busineds to the licensed privilege, without deductions. Please contact the Community Development Department to obtain a certificate of use. Register my Alarm System.

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The business license tax for existing businesses is calculated based on the prior year’s gross receipts. If the business is located in the, or zip code, the business owner may verify the business’s locality via the United States Postal Service website by entering the business address and clicking on “Mailing Industry Information.


Any business that does not receive a business license renewal form may contact the City or download a form below. The Circuit Court imposes a small fee.

City Code Section Contact them at The business license application, payment by check or bisiness orderand any other required documentation may be mailed to:. All property used or available for use in your business as of January 1 of the filing year must be reported when applicable. Please contact the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at for more information.

Revenue Division King Street, Room Alexandria, VA Closing a Business Any business that has already paid the license tax for the year and then permanently ceases to conduct business may apply for a refund of the portion of the license tax paid based on prior year gross receipts.