The concept of the PSUR Worksharing project is that all veterinary medicinal products with the same active ingredient or a fixed combination of active ingredients , may maintain the same Data Lock Point for the compilation of PSURs. Although the new regulations came into force on May 25 th, the date of application for MDR is May 26 th and for IVDR May 26 th , we recommend our North American principals to start the implementation as soon as possible The required submission of Periodic Summary Updates PSUR — combining post-market surveillance, clinical and risk-benefit assessment data — adds to the administrative and cost burden of post-market surveillance for medical device organizations. Agenda for day 3 of MedTech Summit Agenda – Day Three MedTech Summit This website uses cookies, including third party ones, to allow for analysis of how people use our website in order to improve your experience and our services. Good Luck with That! To ensure that all medical devices are effective and safe, and can be freely traded throughout the EU, a ll these devices will have to undergo an independent assessment of safety and performance.

So, what can medical device In their General Approach Art. The manufacturer’s obligation to proactively collect and review experiences obtained from medical devices already circulating on the market, and to apply any necessary preventive and corrective measures; or in other words post-market surveillance PMS , is strengthened under the new Medical Devices Regulation MDR. EU MDR is comprehensive and complex. The MDR introduces a new classification rule Following this short trip to India, we would like to consecrate ourselves to the European PSUR in detail as there are also sufficient abbreviations for potentially causing confusion. The long journey which has started in has finally come to an end and the long awaited text has been issued on 5 th May

Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

As a reminder, the PSUR is not the appropriate procedure for submitting final or interim study reports to the EU regulatory authorities. Here pshr a map of the EU: EU-wide standardisation of the test certificates issued by the notified bodies — MDR certificate; introduction of a mechanism for scrutiny: A Periodic Safety Update Report is a pharmacovigilance document intended to provide an evaluation of the risk-benefit balance of a medicinal product at defined time points post-authorisation.


As the MDR gives particular attention to risk management, we have asked our Medical Device experts to look closely at the new requirements in this field. This rule is especially for software. The time is ticking for the device manufacturers to ensure data, documentations, processes psu systems meet requirements.

AstraCon recruits specialists in quality management and regulatory affairs for the pharmaceutical, the IVD, and the MedTech industry. How to write one for CE Marking. PDF Psut – 47 K.

To begin devising an implementation plan, there are some key areas to be aware of.

The new regulations seek to increase Unless there is a specific concern, routine PSUR reporting will no longer be necessary for low risk or mature products PSUR reporting will be electronic following the establishment of an EU repository. See below for full contact information.

The naming convention used for the leaf titles is up to the MAH’s discretion; however, meaningful names should be applied. The deadline for EU MDR is fast approaching, and now is the time to take proactive steps to ensure that devices which would improve the lives of patients are not left behind. If, in preparing the annual summary report, the manufacturer concludes that there has lsur a significant change, it shall notify the Minister without delay, in writing, unless this has already been done.

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Before placing a medical device on the European market, manufacturers need lefter produce technical documentation providing evidence of conformity with the relevant legislation. My Service Canada Account. The Regulation also now includes several definitions that have been changed The MedTech Summit conference provides 5 days of strategic advice and practical EU MDR, IVDR and emerging market regulatory guidance for medical device, diagnostic and combination product industry compliance.


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There are several changes in this new regulation. This article explains how to write a post-market surveillance plan for CE Marking and how to determine if a post-market clinical follow-up PMCF study is required.

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Duplicate copies are not required. According to recent reports believe that they do not have the required understanding of new legislation in-house. Substances can be added or removed as appropriate. It is the DI assigned at the level of the device unit of use. April 9, Our file number: A cost-benefit analysis is one of the key decision-making factors in the MDR certification journey.

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Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

The repository will act as the single point for all submissions including responses and supplementary information. The EU initiative is just the beginning. The rule 11 has serious implications: Ensure that procedures are in place to keep series production in conformity with the EU MDR requirements.

The following are recommended as good bookmarking practices: So, what can medical device In their General Approach Art. The MDR has a broader scope than the Medical Device Directives, encompassing, among others, a number of aesthetic devices. With graphical analyses and links to processes such as PSUR and clinical evaluation.