Seasonal variation in soil nutrients in floodplain and upland forests of central Illinois. Preserving low-frequency climate signals in growth records of geoduck clams Panopea abrupta. Adapting natural resource management to climate change: University of Illinois Forestry Research Report The evaluation of meta-analysis techniques for quantifying prescribed fire effects on fuel loadings.

Infusing resource management planning with analytical tools. Taylor and Francis, Washington , DC. Forest structure and fire hazard in dry forests of the western United States. Assessing tropospheric ozone in western Washington. Evaluating the effects of air pollution and fire on tree growth by tree ring analysis. Air pollution effects on growth of ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, and bigcone Douglas-fir. Photosynthetic and growth responses of silver maple Acer saccharinum L.

In the Company of Crows and Ravens. Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters 6: Understanding natural resources through research in parks and protected areas.

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Growth response of bigcone Douglas fir Pseudotsuga macrocarpa to long term ozone exposure in southern California. Preserving Nature in the National Parks. Content of chemical elements in tree rings of lodgepole pine and whitebark pine cores from a subalpine Sierra Nevada forest.


Effects of climate curricilum regeneration of subalpine forests after wildfire. A Report by the U. Estimating postfire timber damage with a simulation model. Temporal variation in nutrient status of a floodplain forest soil. Adapting natural resource management to climate change: Effects of environmental stress on tree growth and forest ecosystems. Journal curricluum Ecosystems and Management 6: Northwest Science 72 Special Issue.

Empirical approaches to modeling wildland fire in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States: Recent changes in the growth and establishment of subalpine conifers in western North America.

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Mountain hemlock growth responds vitaae climatic variability at annual and decadal scales. Effects of post-harvest treatments on high-elevation forests in the North Cascade Range, Washington. Spatial and temporal variability in forest growth-climate relationships in the Olympic Mountains, Washington.

curriculum vitae czy musi by  zdj cie

Pages in Partners in Gitae Forest fuel treatments in western North America: Extreme climate and variation in tree growth: Incorporating social and economic desires into land management decision-making. Growth responses of subalpine fir Abies lasiocarpa to climatic variability in the Pacific Northwest.


Infusing resource management planning with analytical tools.

Managing and adapting to changing fire regimes in a warmer climate. Springer Verlag, New York. Climatic Changein review. Resource management on public lands.

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Nutrient dynamics of czh vegetation in upland and floodplain forest communities. Recognizes UW-Madison Teaching Assistants who, in addition to their regular duties, perform exceptional service related to the educational mission of their department and university volunteerism, committee work, mentoring, etc. Photosynthetic and growth responses of silver maple Acer saccharinum L. Effects of ozone and climate on ponderosa pine Pinus ponderosa growth in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Estimating postfire water production in the Pacific Northwest. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environmentin review.