You’ll need to engage with a variety of other ideas and texts, and make sure you acknowledge where these ideas have come from, by telling the reader what these texts your sources are. January intake students will select their research topics and be allocated a supervisor right at the start of Term 2, and start their dissertations from Term 3 — submitting by March Attendance is fair and overall the student makes a reasonable effort to integrate within the research group. Where an award includes a module which has zero credits, the achievement required in that module for the successful completion of any award is set out in the relevant programme specification 9. All students will be required to complete the Research Ethics Review Checklist and Risk assessment prior to the commencement of their project see attached forms later in this handbook.

The default action is to set aside the original attempt and offer another opportunity at the assessment SR4. Up to 2 working days late Up to 5 working days late Up to 10 working days late Up to 15 working days late More than 15 working days late The minutes from such meetings will be headed as MC panel meetings and kept separate from TLC minutes. Key works in the field that could have an impact on the dissertation, and interpretation of the results, may be missing. Entitlement to reassessment in Brunel Level 4 assessment blocks is set out in the relevant programme specification. Dissertations will involve in-depth analysis of primary or secondary data sources. Elsevier Science Publishing, New York, pp.

Final approval of a submitted dissertation rests with the External Examiner and the Examination Board. A list of laboratory-based project titles will be given 34 to all students who should then contact the research group leader for further information.

dissertation late submission brunel

Information and Presentation Skills. Marks for each criteria will be given between 5 highest score and 0 lowest score. Always attribute all ideas that are neither your dissfrtation nor in common currency. Students registered for the Enhanced MSc programme who have passed Year 1 will undertake a 6-month Professional Development period in the second year of this month MSc programme 60 credits ; successful completion of which will result a final award credits of MSc in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design with Professional Development.


Raw data will be clearly presented and explained in a relevant and detailed manner. You’ll submisxion to engage with a variety of other ideas and texts, and make sure you acknowledge where these submmission have come from, by telling the reader what these texts your sources are. Some circumstances are clearly beyond the control of students, but some are not.

There is little difficulty in picking up techniques and implementing them effectively. Both copies must be identical and adequately bound. It is expected to be of a high quality and up-to-date in its information.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Later in this handbook other relevant information, including templates and forms, and the policy on late submission on Masters Dissertations are given. Sometimes, for good reason and through no fault of your own, you may not be able to undertake or complete an assessment at the appropriate time. Scrutinise applications for minor modifications to programmes of study, including minor modifications to blocks modular, study, and assessment.

Students who submit a case for consideration by the Academic Appeals Committee shall normally be asked to provide a copy of the outcome of Internal Resolution. The Graduate School itself is centrally located at the front of the Halsbury Building, presenting a welcoming environment to meet other postgraduate students, study or just take a break.

The first is internal resolution by your home School or Institute. The supervisor will be allocated based on your research topic and available supervisor expertise, taking into account student preferences where practical.

Terry Collins, of Carnegie Mellon University leaders in entrepreneurship, clean technology and green chemistry. Illustrations other than graphs The standard illustrations should approach that required for publication.

Some staff provide coursework feedback via Blackboard Learn but this is not uniform across IfE and is used as considered appropriate by individual members of staff. The first is Internal Resolution, which is considered by your home School or Institute.


Student Handbook – Brunel University

Therefore you cannot necessarily expect immediate attention for your draft to be read instantly. Shows exceptional clarity, focus and cogency in communication. A deadline date will be specified for the submission of each piece of coursework.

Students who do not pass either the written andor oral comprehensive examination will be reviewed by the PhD Program Development Committee PDC, which will determine if the student will be withdrawn from the PhD Program.

If the student does not respond within those 10 days, IfE will inform the Student Centre to withdraw the student from the programme and inform the UKBA. All mitigating circumstances submissions should, wherever possible, be supported by documentary evidence see section You also need to make sure you have your complete thesis as a single PDF file.

Y N The completed Research Ethics Review Checklist MUST be attached to this form for dissertation approval — please discuss any ethical issues raised by your research with your supervisor. In all cases the mentor will be independent from the academic supervisor and will have a track record of success in a relevant area of interest to the student.

In reaching a decision as to whether a student’s mitigating circumstances should be accepted, Mitigating Circumstances Panels are required to take into account the following SR4.

Justified conclusions Here, students will be assessed on the quality of their conclusions. Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be tabled at the next Board or Examiners BoE meeting.

dissertation late submission brunel

Student responsibilities Teaching in a higher education context is two-way; thus while IFE staff brunek to support students as described in the sections above, students have responsibility to attend as many classes as they can ideally all classes.