One of our blog readers asked few questions regarding the same. Thank you Kumar and everyone for your inputs. Thanks for the reply, what is the L1 approval notice. Check the link to know answers of other questions. Hi guys, Can any of you please answer my queries? The answer for question 16 needs a bit of reading.

For that centre the online processing time says 5. Idont have the SSN right now. Whatever is required, it has to be done by the employer. Please call me Do not ask for permission to edit this document. He applied for H1B extension but employer did it on regular process, they are going to convert it into premium only after July 27th. Just the list of documents.

I have planing to visit him, so what should i do to get visa L2?

Work with your husband, get all the documents and go for L2 stamping. The application was filed using the below set of documents. For the sake of filling up the i form, we would consider the most recent H4 approval irrespective of its start date. I have filled the paper based application and not online.

Hope my Card gets delivered soon.

h4 ead uscis cover letter

Can we send Money Order instead of check as my husband does not have any bank account yet? You should have a proof that you sent this letter. I followed the same document which was shared by Saurabh in this page with some small addition to L1 beneficiary document. Deep, Yes, submit bio pages from both passports and all visa stamps valid and canceled from old passport. Hi Sandy, Just wondering which centre did your application get processed?


Hello, As mentioned above list of documents: Question 29 in Ireferenced here: Can someone answer this questions please? EAD fees can be paid by credit card. Venkat, The above answers are not for renewal. I forget to include and later confirmed with attorney and he suggested that I should have included to avoid RFE. No need to notarize. Can we apply for H4 EAD based on the receipt? Thanks for the reply, what is the L1 approval notice.

I am on h4 visa. Also in how many day in general we could anticipate the receipt of application… I had sent the application along with fees last week. He was kind enough to answer them and share the sample cover letter template.

Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

Awaiting your info as soon as possible. Hi Kumar, Thanks a lot for assistance. The EAD application for H4 visa holders is pretty straight forward. Both of them take same time. How to apply and get h1b.


Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

The form will be submitted along with I H1 renewal and I H4 renewal. When submitting the EAD application, you need to submit copies uscus I and Good to hear that.

We have included a covering letter just to make sure, it lists all the documents as a general good practice.

h4 ead uscis cover letter

Should I re-enter the A from here, or should I leave this blank, because I do not have a A for at this time. Yet to receive any further communication apart from receipt acceptance notice in Jan Hope you are still monitoring this thread.

The L1 holders documents are critical. I would suggest there is no harm in including the IS.