This need to be done before 9th of December preferably much earlier. Then look under Customized Search. It is often a good idea to discuss this early rather than experiencing a surprise. You will enrol in subjects under both courses. Submit early to be ahead of problems. All students need to submit an internal JCU application as soon as the pre-Honours application is submitted and it must be on the desk of the research office no later than 6th of December. Furthermore, if your reason for wanting a leave is not private but related to the Honours program then we might be able to fix it.

Print the complete ethics application as a pdf and send it by e-mail to the generic MBBS e-mail requesting signature from the Dean. Project proposal only for some students. Previously some high achieving students having a D or HD were offered participation in the Honours program. The reason is that it would collide with the mandatory attendance at the introductory Research seminar. The code key should be locked.

Submit Literature review for assessment and grading.

honours thesis jcu

Present the findings in your research project during an Exit seminar. Thus, you need to submit a formal leave application containing: The final grading is hinours within the CMD Honours committee resulting in a proposal. One consequence is that the competition for internship and registrar positions and ultimately for a job as a consultant will increase.


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What forms needs to be completed to enroll in jci Honours program? The name of the principal researcher on top or other co-workers or advisors are clickable leading to contact information.

Being on top of things. A good idea is also to submit manuscripts that are not yet tgesis to a peer reviewed scientific journal. You will usually end up with more than one advisor.

honours thesis jcu

You will usually end up with more than one advisor. Although it does extend graduation from MBBS by one year, it has the advantage of allowing total devotion to a research project.

Hence, important that you give priority to this early. Please contact Associate Professor Ronny Gunnarsson if you want more information. That way you are of course eligible for your intern place.

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This is accepted or rejected. The part time version is also suitable for junior doctors commencing up until PGY4. If you need three advisors to fulfill these requirements and if you can find them then we are happy with you having three advisors.

At least one advisor must have some formal affiliation to JCU. It is Hohours to outsource transcription if you can find funding for the cost. Part of it should be paid by your pre-approved honours allowance and parts of it from another accound controlled by your advisor.


This course exists in two forms: There are three main pathways to get a relation with an advisor: You write submissions directly in this system. That is not an acceptable excuse to apply for an extension. Find out if the response you got actually is a final rejection thrsis just a long list of suggestions for improvements with an encourage to resubmit a revised manuscript.

Start in this order: More information on this will be published here during This web system will not be involved in the entry and exit seminars. Honourx final grading is jdu within the CMD Honours committee resulting in a proposal.

A project database of ongoing projects.

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Honours. The final grading is discussed within the CMD Honours committee resulting in a proposal. Now enrol into the Honours subjects for study period honousr and 2 on eStudent.

Submit Thesis for assessment and grading.