Personal selling is more effective then any other promotion strategy. The hostilities require something that is ready to serve in minutes that is less time consuming but still full of taste and nutritious as they miss the taste of home made food and the working women cannot get time to prepare meals like chicken paratha that is very time consuming if completely prepared at home. Case explains how efficiently they have managed to find gaps in the market and gaps that are not yet filled relating to customer needs and health benefits. People liked a combination of spicy and cheesy flavors. We while dividing the market segments demographically considered the following variables as the basis: In direct marketing we will target our customers through internet, telephone, print media and electronic media television and radio. Paratthas are a most famous item in the desi cuisine of the country with a trend based on centuries.

Pricing of our Product The price of our product is at low of cost and easily affordable as compared to our competitors, so that our product will remain more attractive in the eyes of people and this may help to increase our customers. January , a young man, Khalil Sattar, still a collage student, had a vision to foresee a need to establish a poultry farm. We do not add freight charges to our product price in order to keep our product price lower, as our focus is to capture more customers. Please find below the full details of the product you clicked a link to view. In direct marketing we will target our customers through internet, telephone, print media and electronic media television and radio. Price change could be a price cut or price increase.

They also think that the company is greedy and they are charging more prices for their product. Remember me on this computer.

Khalil want government of Pakistan to give some incentives to exporter and decrease some of the duties. They prefer easy to use and quick to serve products in their meals.


The increasing studu of our products all over the country explains the worth; our promises are getting through our valuable customers.

About the Author David E. Our research plan was based only on the information collected from the questionnaires and the general observation on the peoples taste requirements SAMPLE PLAN The sample plan used was cluster sample the total population was divided into mutually exclusive groups such as students, teachers, business oriented and job oriented people.

k&n pakistan case study

Promotion is the activity in which the company has a chance to interact with its customers. Health and Happiness for Pakistan by David E. We will promote our product through print media by advertising our product in newspapers and in different magazines. Those effective four stages increases their chances successful development of a new product. This will exclude the risks that can be caused by personal selling i.

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Research Approaches The research approaches we used to evaluate our products were the observation research and the survey research. We already set a low price for our product but we cut price of our product if our sales will not increase accordingly, in that situation we will cut the price in order to increase sales and to capture market shares. We also analyzed the resources of the company with which company is highly able to serve its customers.

The company k&b fully vertically integrated as they have their own feed mill and producing their own bird. Help Center Find new research papers in: In this regard, we can say that Jhatpat would not face any difficulty in order to convince the local consumers hence the probability for increasing sales margin is expected. To Promote we use different promotional tools. There is very diversity in its distribution. Strategy and General Management. Cite View Details Related. We will use informative advertising because it is cas used when introducing a new product.


k&n pakistan case study

So that one channel member owns the others, has contracts with them, or has so much power that they all cooperate. Research Sutdy Questionnaire was used as the research instrument as they are very flexible. Pricing Tools and Pricing Strategy.

The reason for not using market skimming strategy is that as our product is an eatable product and there no sense of keeping high prices for an eatable product, because as we know that skimming strategies are for luxury products. Malnutrition remained a major problem and one out of four children died before attaining the age of five.

Go to advanced search. Paiistan product plays a vital role in the availability of our services to attract the customers.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. They also support their chicken stores even they were proved costly in the beginning because this idea gives opportunity to deeply understand the consumer behavior and studdy penetrate in the market.

k&n pakistan case study

We will use personal selling strategies form collecting the feedback about the promotion of the product like Word of mouth and by conducting surveys. In this regard no compromise is solicited on hygiene and quality.

Price change could be a price cut or price increase.

We develop our public relation by doing the work of social responsibility, like wishing happy Eid or wishing any other special event to our customers.