The National Library may be able to supply you with a photocopy or electronic copy of all or part of this item, for a fee, depending on copyright restrictions. Australia’s Path to War” John Howard and the Triumph of Reaction”. Our first response to an unfolding political episode is often to go to our wardrobe of memories and see whether we can clothe the new incident in one of the dramas of the past, or see how it fits into the pattern of our recollections. Also Titled Quarterly essay: City of Holdfast Bay.

Senior public servants do not enjoy the security of tenure they previously did. Open to the public Book English Ipswich Libraries. Open to the public Held. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Colleagues are likely to put up with a highly centralised approach if a prime minister has recently led the party to a major election win and is doing well in the opinion polls. Holroyd City Council Library Service.

Decisions are taken that are not informed by knowledge of what has worked, or not worked, in the past, or even by a conscious analysis of what might have changed since the issue was last considered.

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Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. I argue that a powerful reason our politics has become not only inane and ugly but dangerous is our growing political and policy amnesia.


Open to the public Book English Waverley Council. We also noticed that you have an account on Bookworld. Without memory, there is no context or continuity for the making of new decisions.

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laura tingle quarterly essay 2015

I believe this has helped to stoke a growing insularity. These 24 locations in Victoria: Bill Shorten’s path to power” Select the List you’d like to quartery as, or add your own. This essay about the art of government is part defence, part lament. The centralisation of power in the PMO, insecure tenure for senior public servants and increasingly superficial reporting in the mainstream media have made it easier for those in positions of power to avoid engaging in serious critical discussion and debate over the policies they are putting forward.

May not be open to the public Lending restrictions apply. Kelvin Grove Campus Library. Views Read Edit View history. It is a broader failure to recognise the value of debate and dissent. David Marr — “The Prince: See the Delivery tab below for more details.

Political Amnesia

Upon winning government inTony Abbott and his colleagues referred back to their memories of the political strategy ,aura worked for Prime Minister John Howard. Waleed Aly — ” What’s Right?

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Please sign in to continue. All of us know at least something of ancient Rome, whether from a cursory high-school glance, from Shakespeare, from a s Hollywood swords-and-sandals epic or from reading the classics.

Retrieved from ” https: Anna Krien — “The Long Goodbye: Kevin Rudd and the Lucky Country”. She tracks the damage done when responsibility is ‘contracted out,’ and when politicians shut out or abuse their traditional sources of advice. Hawke insisted his ministers should have bureaucrats in their offices, specifically as chiefs of staff. Democracy and the Rise of the Strongman” [21]. It is about the collapse of the institutions that once formed a safe archive of these memories.

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University of Newcastle Library. Open to the public In Great Expectations I argued quarteerly one of the reasons for our national anger was that people no longer knew what they wanted from, or could expect of, government. Our enemies, and their methods, are morphing all the time.

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laura tingle quarterly essay 2015