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That is against max incessantly in information superhighway syndication.

Sasa B.: The way of always objecting women, ugh, like put them out for judge. by men. Ew I hate it.

Ben Masab: The dating scene isnt bad here its just that places like clubs, bars, streets etc are so frowned up by women here.

Gary Sawyer: If you did a 69er.her nose would be stuck up your anus

Amanda Braga: I thought Spanish sounded beautiful, but then I heard Korean and I was like Spanish who? I find the language great and the guy is quite handsome.

Chi Bao: Ok this is so not true and very offensive, also super steryorypical, this is awful

Garry B: I need a portuguese man!

Roos Vrolijk: The guy is so creepy

Malu Carvalho: If i see any more tatyana i would fall in love :D

Rajni Singh: By the way, are canadian ladies used to be as plus size as this actress?

Joe Villegas: It wasnt that accurate

Elma Ndreu: The Russian lady is gorgeous!

Sir Annaig: You forgot Geordie

Claudia Maass: Wtf ? I'm French and I didn't even understand when she spoke in French

Shady Ishak: Sounds terrible tbh

M Michels: Filipino mothers: massage=better life

Fanni Boda: Shes ugly. man is hot. find yourself something better

Lea Leki: Putting black subtitles on black laptop. good call

Patatakap: The swedish was bad

Cornell Jones: Best is definittly irish

Kristina Pvl: I think medium breast, large butts, dark skin but not too much and thickness are pretty

J Baldarrago: Portuguese womans are better, wtf. They are more fun and more inteligent. Brazilian woman are dumb as Fuck.

BUITRE78: I like Russian and Korean accent a lot. I have a really strong German accent:/

Marie-c Bujax: Stereotypes Indians face : Indian men are sexual pervs who have really poor English and start conversations with random fuk me sit in me dik I love you.

Hector Alfaro: Wow who is this man and where can I meet him

Heyitsbea: Never seen an ugly Russian girl in my life. all of them are beautiful

Weber Duda: That was India? She was a Christmas tree. Eew!

Nona Nonish: Hey all! Ok so you have been asking me for years for this video and I'm happy to say I finally made it. As you can see I went all the way to Paris. Just for one day. Seriously.

Laila Younes: It's so weird this culture of men having to pay the bill on the first date. Things must be equal for both gender.

Sebizzar: K first off, Russians are about obsessive over hockey as Canadians.and most follow the NHL.so right off the bat this video debunked its self LMAO!

Andrew G: Sorry, but the Brazilian Portugues they got a song which half of it is not even real words, just sounds.

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Meanwhile Andrea is rushed to the hospital with feverish contractions. As Andrea nears the limit of her pregnancy, she struggles with a decision that could change her life forever.

Runway Midget Free Vid
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#1 13.05.2018 at 14:59 FRANCIS:
It thinks its great !

#2 22.05.2018 at 00:55 LILIA:
I had to rewind the video when Dr. Doe said 'fuck-o-rama at 3:06, because I was so surprised and happy at the swearing.

#3 26.05.2018 at 18:29 NOELLE:
I want to strap you to my breeding bench and empty my seed in you.

#4 01.06.2018 at 01:03 DOREEN:
Light year has seen some shit.

#5 04.06.2018 at 04:42 DELORES:
She obviously hasnt given many or her teeth would be whiter

#6 14.06.2018 at 04:09 MURIEL:
Nonsense. I wanted to use a different word more worthy of Laci Green's accomplice, but I won't. Sexual preference is just like any preference. I love broccoli, some people hate it. It's just how it is stop adding stupid ideology to that, unless you want to look stupid. It's not only anti-science, but also anti-logic. Try logic, it doesn't hurt.

#7 21.06.2018 at 03:26 KASEY:
It is true that that can happen, yes. It does require training your body, though, and stuff. Check out ANakedNotion's video on Multiple Orgasms if you want more information? :)

#8 01.07.2018 at 07:43 SERENA:
Answer is no guys

#9 05.07.2018 at 08:24 AMBER:
I'm sure it was a challenge to post this submission; thank you for doing so. It means a lot.

#10 15.07.2018 at 13:54 WILMA:
I've just submitted captions in English and was about to do them in another language but I really don't feel like having to sync them again. Is there way to like, copy and paste the English captions and then only translate the content while leaving the timing intact?

#11 24.07.2018 at 05:59 AUDREY:
what did i just watch?

#12 27.07.2018 at 10:31 SHARON:
Man this video had sooooo much potential and I am so so sorry, I respect your opinions and I like that you added stuff about demisexuality and bisexuality, but man, you guys just really reduced a lot of their sexualities, JUST like the cartoons! They are meant to do what they do in the movies, and thinking about sex isn't an option for them. I mean you guys are brainstorming possibilities and you hardly used your imagination.

#13 06.08.2018 at 10:16 SUMMER:
So if someone doesn't date white people, does that make them a racist?

#14 09.08.2018 at 05:13 CORINNE:
Your mom is soo cute!

#15 12.08.2018 at 08:42 SELMA:
You can't get cucked when you don't have a girlfriend or wife. Think about it