Jun Hong and P. Extraction of thermalized projectile fragments from a large volume gas cell: Comment on “Atomic mass compilation ” by B. Nuclear response theory with multiphonon coupling in a covariant framework: Exploring the asymmetry dependence of the nuclear caloric curve and the liquid-gas phase transition:

Single-particle structure of silicon isotopes approaching 42 Si: Beta-delayed proton emission of 69 Kr and the 68 Se rp-process waiting point: Nuclear structure studies of 24 F: Di Leva, and F. Steiner, and Edward F. Pelaia II and A.

Three-nucleon forces and spectroscopy of neutron-rich calcium isotopes: Spin alignment of excited projectiles due to target spin-flip interactions: Constraints on Skyrme equations of state from properties of doubly magic nuclei msk ab initio calculations of low-density neutron matter: Selective population of unbound states in 10 Li: How Much Cooler would it be with some more neutrons?

Thssis two-pion interferometry and the freeze-out eccentricity of pions measured in heavy ion collisions at the STAR detector: Closed and open quantum systems: Toggle Search and Navigation Menu.


msu nscl thesis

Properties of nuclei in the nobelium region studied within the covariant, Skyrme, and Gogny energy density functionals: Trapping Atoms the “Old-Fashioned” Way: Simos Brookhaven National Laboratory , Atomic nucleus as chaotic quantum many-body system: Nonobservable nature of the nuclear shell structure: Impact of collective vibrations on quasiparticle states of open-shell odd-mass nuclei and possible interference with the tensor force: Dong-Liang Fang and B.

Overview of neutron star equations of state 40 years of X-ray bursts: A multiple parallel-plate avalanche counter for fission-fragment detection: Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical nsc ions, and the ndcl interaction: Structure and decay correlations of two-neutorn systems beyond the dripline J.

A way forward in the study of the symmetry energy: Design and fabrication of the superconducting horizontal bend magnet for the super high momentum spectrometer at Jefferson Lab: Langer, 1 p. The 34Si bubble nucleus: The case of 61 Co: Single-particle structure of silicon isotopes approaching 42 Si: Sifting through the remnants of heavy-ion collisions for observables sensitive to the nuclear equation of state: Focus Issue on Enhancing the interaction between nuclear experiment and theory through information and statistics: Inverse-kinematics proton scattering on 50 Ca: Magnetar giant flare oscillations and the nuclear symmetry energy: High-precision B E2 measurements of semi-magic 58,60,62,64 Ni by Coulomb excitation: Chiral two- and three-nucleon forces along medium-mass isotope chains: Penning trap mass measurement of 72 Br: The splitting of the pygmy dipole resonance in Sn: Neutron resonance widths and the Porter-Thomas distribution: Triplet energy difference and the low lying structure of 62 Ga:


msu nscl thesis