At a superficial level, this new internationalism means that I can meet, in the Hilton coffee shop, an Indonesian businessman who is as conversant as I am with Magic Johnson and Madonna. There are quite a few advantages that come with being a transit lounger. While this may seem lonely and scary, they are able to form independece and self-reliance. The modern world seems increasingly made for people like me. Iyer was clearly aware of his modern audience as he was writing this piece.

Airports are among the only sites in public life where emotions are hugely sanctioned. We are visitors even in our own homes. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And so we go on circling the world, six miles above the ground, displaced from time, above the clouds, with all our needs attended to. The Real History of Leather. Fervor comes to seem to us the most foreign place of all.

We see people weep, shout, kiss in airports; we see them at the furthest edges of excitement and exhaustion. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. We are visitors even in our own homes. Refugees at least harbor passionate feeling about the world they have left—and generally seek to return there. Airports are privileged spaces where we can see the primal states writ large—fear, recognition, hope. Tied down nowhere, we can pick kan choose among locations.

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Or, when the revolution catches fire, hops on the next plane out. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, I am brought up short by symptoms of my condition. If I have any deeper home, it is, I suppose, in English. Or enter with social networking:. Thank you for your support of Prospect and we hope that you enjoy everything the site has to offer. I wonder, sometimes, if this new kind of nonaffiliation may not be alien to something fundamental in the human state.


It never seemed strange to me that a girlfriend might be half a world or ten hours flying time away, that my closest friends might be on the other side of a continent or sea. I could relate to Iyer to some level but fully.

Thus many of us learn to exult in the blessing of belonging to what feels like a whole new race.

He had chosen to live so far from affiliation that he could no longer see why people choose affiliation in the first place. All have sushi, Thai restaurants and Kentucky Fried Chicken. And yet I sometimes think that this mobile way of life is as disquietingly novel as high-rises, or as the video monitors that are rewiring our consciousness.

You are commenting using your WordPress. There esssy quite a few advantages that come with being a transit lounger. Read stories that matter? What are the issues that we would die for? The modern world seems increasingly made for people like me.

nowhere man pico iyer essay

This transit space can be a train station, a subway, a rest stop, and so on. Nabokov shows us that if nowhere is home, everywhere is. Nowhere Man Confessions of a perpetual foreigner. At a deeper level, it means that I need never feel estranged.


nowhere man pico iyer essay

If one travles by car, they must pay a large amount for gas. I understand how you feel, but the Chinese had their own cultural reasons for Tiananmen Square. Ours is the first generation that can go off to visit Tibet for a week, or meet Tibetans down the street; ours is the first generation to be able to go to Nigeria for a holiday—to find our roots or to find that they are not there.

Nowhere Man

Immersed in the surface. To understand the modern state, we are often told, we must read VS Naipaul, and see how people estranged from their cultures mimic people estranged from their roots.

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I am Magazine subscriber Newsletter subscriber. This line is also important for its metaphors. Seasoned experts at dispassion, we are less good at involvement, or suspensions of disbelief; at, in fact, the abolition of distance.

nowhere man pico iyer essay

We are the transit loungers, forever heading to the departure gate.