She was about to tell the name of this long-lost sister when the episode ends with the revelation that the Lolas are triplets. Jose then reveals that Tinidora is the name of Nidora and Tidora’s sister. Then Lola Nidora receives a tip from the mysterious caller, informing her that Yaya is held captive in a house nearby. She confronts Alden, who has been counting the coins to be used as ransom money. Pili at Pillow – Facebook”. Those who insist to be the “real” Isadora, but are not able to prove their identity, are expelled by the Lolas. Even so, Alden and Yaya Dub are happy, as this is the closest that they have been to see each other.

Tan-Ning, stating that Lola Nidora is really sick and will die soon. The mysterious caller from the previous episode contacts Nidora again. To cook or not to cook? Furthermore, the old woman prophesied that on Halloween, October 31, , there is a house that her 3 daughters, together with the little girl and the dimpled-man, need to find to understand the meaning of true love. The caller agrees to one condition. Alden later says that he will bring some of Yaya Dub’s favorite food, isaw na manok chicken intestines , tomorrow.

Mark Elardo McMahon guest stars as Dr.

Bulaga shock of that recognition, I am certain, is what sustains the fascination with Yaya Dub. Ang Huling Habilin ni Lola Maine becomes confident and tells the panel that she, and not her character Yaya Dub, who is actually the one accepting the gift, when Alden writes “Bagay sayo, Maine” “It suits you, Maine”.

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Nidora tells Yaya that the OFWs Overseas Filipino Workers should be her inspiration because they endure suffering and work hard for their loved ones. Alden attempts to catch up with Yaya Dub but she hitchhikes on a jeepneyleaving only one of her glass slippers for Alden to possess. Alden then gives the hat to her, prompting the EB hosts to ask who the intended recipient is.


Alden and Yaya continue dubsmashing until Alden gets suspicious whether Yaya is lip-synching or using her real voice.

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First appearance of Yaya Luvs. This amount, which was achieved in one day, exceeded the number of Tweets bulaga with the eat PapalVisit, during Pope Francis’s January visit in sllving Philippines, a predominantly Catholic march.

Indonesia until its ,arch episode in Unlike its previous productions, the heartwarming stories produced annually continue reading either original stories or inspired by true-to-life stories of former contestants of the popular segment, “Juan for All, All for Link. Retrieved 17 March Ang Paandae ni Dudang – Facebook”.

Tinidora gives Yaya a cake and a present, which the latter does not like. As promised, Lola Nidora gives the couple the special gift: She rethinks her decision but when she sees the couple being happy and excited, she relents.

Their doubts are removed when “Lola Aunor” reveals her Babalu voice, confirming that she is indeed Lola Nidora and that she has escaped in order to prevent Alden and Yaya Dub from getting together.

The guests finally arrive at the studio but before heading to the banquet, they quickly tour the place.

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The mysterious caller calls again and threatens to burn the Secret Diary and Lola Nidora begs Alden to give her the money. Awards and nominations Philippine noontime variety television shows.


Retrieved 6 April Dodong was equally as reckless and a prohlem maker. Isadora learned that she was adopted by the Zobeyalas after their former stewardess became pregnant. Retrieved 16 November Yaya Dub says she misses the Lolas and also Alden, whom she has not seen for almost two weeks. Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub are not happy when they find out that some pages from the Secret Diary have gone missing. Finding Singsing – Facebook”. Although happy about the Pili nuts, Nidora tells Alden to go back to Bicol and get her two of the regions’ popular dishes, Laing and Pinangat.

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Lola Nidora receives another phone call and pleads with the second mystery caller not to visit her. Mga Paalala ni Tia Bebeng – Facebook”.

problem solving eat bulaga march 4 2015

Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 9 May As Yaya and the Lolas enter the main stage, Yaya is formally introduced to the trio of Tito, Vic and Joey, and also to the rest of the Dabarkads. Alden runs from Broadway and arrives at the intersection in 17 minutes, and Lola Nidora makes a mark at the scoreboard. Si Senyora Celia at ang Yaya Dub gives Alden a letter and in exchange, he gives Yaya the handkerchief Bossing Vic gave to him earlier.