This fee is payable through the online store and must be done so prior to submission. The use of blank pages should be avoided, if possible. Page Headers Page headers may be used but, for ease of reading, it is recommended that the font used is smaller than the main body of the text and that no underline is used. This is to cover the need to appoint two external examiners, which is the requirement for a research student who is also a member of staff see the Policy on Research Degrees for full details. Photographic prints; large illustrations It is recommended that photographic prints, if bound with the text, are printed on medium-weight photographic paper e.

The information to be given on the title page is set out in Section 2 above. Terms that require explanation should be defined in a glossary, which should include a key to any abbreviations used. The use of blank pages should be avoided, if possible. The Preliminary Submission Paperwork consists of the following: Theses may be submitted to RSA by hand by you or by someone else , by post, or by courier service. PDF or format acceptable to the University and appropriate to the medium Label:

Every illustration, including appendices and material that cannot be bound, should be included in the list of illustrations with page numbers or other identification. Submissjon also offers information on possible binders, and a diagram showing the correct layout of the wording on cover and spine.

Otherwise, your examination or the award of your degree may be delayed. Some discretion will be applied to postal submissions, e. An extension to a withholding period, on request by student or supervisor s to their Faculty, may be granted in accordance with University guidelines. It is recommended that one-and-a-half line spacing or equivalent is used.


Thesis/Dissertation submission | Graduate Program in Humanities

A redacted version of the thesis may be deposited ssubmission the electronic archive, with the examined copy held by the university. Submission of a research thesis for examination is a formal process in the same way as sitting an examination. You must upload your electronic copy before you print and submit your hard copy.

yorku thesis submission

It should confirm that yorkk work in the thesis is your own, and has not been submitted for examination at this or any other institution for another award. Hardbound theses The thesis should be bound in cloth covered boards, the binding being of a fixed kind in which leaves are permanently secured. Normally, lettering of 8mm capital height will be required if the lettering is all in capitals and 10mm capital height if capitals and lower case are used.

The number of printed copies submitted should equal the number of examiners normally two.

Softbound Final copy for deposit: The presentation of appendices, including character size, should be consistent with the style of the main text. Formatting Formatting All copies shall be legible and of good print quality.

Dean’s Message

Text should be set with even or proportionate spacing between words. Contents Before submitting Presentation of theses and dissertations Submission of theses and dissertations for examination Deposit of theses and dissertations after examination Softbound and hardbound theses and dissertations Names of departments tbesis centres Referral Binders Hardbound theses and dissertations: This is to cover the need to appoint two external examiners, which is the requirement for a research student who is also a member of staff see the Policy on Research Degrees for full details.

yorku thesis submission

If, however, its use is inescapable, it should either: Back to top The name of your department or centre must be used on title pages, and the spines of hardbound theses. The spine should be taped, and not spiral bound. If the thesis thickness is more than 70 mm excluding coversit must be bound in two separate volumes. An exception on spiral binding is made for musical scores which sumbission lie flat. It may be that the thesis includes material that cannot conveniently be bound near thexis related text in it, e.


Please see the following guidance, which contains all the instructions about how to submit your thesis to the White Rose Etheses Online:. If you are ykrku PhD, MPhil or EngD student, your department will then contact you, if it has not already done so, to arrange the oral examination. If the thesis consists of more than one volume the front cover and the spine must also bear the number of each volume.

Submitting Your Dissertation

For ease of reading, the size of character used in the main text yogku be no less than 11pt. You may include both combined in one, or address them separately. In cases where exceptional circumstances exist, you may apply for an Extension to Submission Deadline. Should a candidate choose to thseis by post it is their responsibility to ensure they post in good time to meet their deadline. An illustration should normally appear near the first reference made to it in the text. The candidate must meet with his or her dissertation advisor to discuss research goals, timeframes, and scheduling of an oral defense.