The economics of Tropical deforestation: Using predictive modeling for detecting Out-of-Stock. Organisaation hallintaan tulevien ohjelmistojen hankintasopimukset. Longevity risk securitization of housing reverse mortgages in future China. Case Aalto University School of Business.

Examining reverse innovation and collaboration: Capabilities and steps to increase services successfully in manufacturing companies: Credit spread discrepancies between European rated and unrated corporate bonds. Cash flow statement in financial statement analysis for small and medium sized enterprises. Finding meaningfulness in customer service: Are foreign exchange rate shocks affecting the trade balance?

1d Väitöskirjat / Doctoral dissertations

How reasonable are “reasonably possible alternative assumptions”? Reviewing buyer-supplier relationship through communication in the dairy industry: The dynamics of new corporate bond underpricing. Forecasting for intermittent spare parts in single-echelon multi-location and multi-item logistics network: Attractiveness of international assignments in Russia and the Baltic countries among Finnish employees.


Identifying value mismatches in B2B relationships: Consumer purchase journeys in multiple channels: Earnings management before seasoned equity offerings and share repurchases: Relation aatlo past stock market returns and trading volume in Europe. Finding meaningfulness in customer service: Evidence from the Finnish athletes. Estimating technical efficiency in Finnish industry: Optimization of buffer storage size for radioactive waste in the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant.


Effects of Enterprise Digital Assistants in medication dispensing operations: Strategisten IT-investointien arviointi ja IT-liiketoiminta-linjaus: A nested Stackelberg theis between the government, a mining firm, and a travel resort: Stairway to heaven – do angels build it? Transferring organizational values during internationalization – case Meltwater.

aalto lib thesis

Using association analysis to drive sales. Business – a force for peace: A more efficient service model for low-complexity patients. Matches and gaps in KY’s service offering.

4 Oppimateriaalit / Study materials

Understanding critical knowledge flows and service quality in a sport tourism context. Determinants of CEO remuneration: The evolving role of sourcing intermediary and buyer-supplier relationship development in sourcing from China.

aalto lib thesis

Price deviations of exchange-traded funds from their net asset values: Basel II correlation estimates in light of empirical azlto and literature. The potential impact of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank on economic growth in Asian developing countries: Are target fund shareholders really the winners in mutual fund mergers?

1a Kandidaatintyöt / Bachelor’s theses

theis Discontinued operations reporting and earnings management in European listed companies. How do national cultures and the global mindset play a role in their choices of international entry modes?


aalto lib thesis

Ilb of information sources to improve management decision-making. Acquirer return at cross-border acquisition announcement by emerging market companies: Yleisen tasapainon mallien vertailu: The impacts of customer empowerment on new product and firm performance: Package holidays and the trends of leisure travelling: