Kelly felt that his team was trying to undercut him, he was feeling a lot of pressure from the economic market and understanding what the market wanted. The weakness would be that the market feels they are tired of the current product. Critical Thinking and Decsion Making: He understands, like Pat does, the idea delivering a product without all of the requested features. This deadline seems to be more emotional the set in fact. As per Pat and Chris they state that another source is in the process to developing some type to retail application.

One method of accomplishing these goals is for the employee to. Cliff the CEO has given directions to the others to expand a new product to put out on the market. Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study. Chris Martinas – arguments seem to more emotional and some what sound. Describe specific fallacious arguments, and identify the people who hold them.

The revenue and economic conditions are not ideal at this time and not promised to make a profit. This problem causes uncertainty between the board, staff and even the patients of. Describe all problems in this situation.

Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study – Book Report

Critical thinking case words – 11 pages A case study for a manufacturing company called AcuScan, Inc was fulfilled. Usually of course we are not aware of the full scope of reasoning in our lives Elder and Paul, She also believes that Kelly does not want to try anything new. Some of the solutions that could have been offered were could the product be scaled back to meet the August deadline?

Kelly feels that there are too many changes that deed to take place by the deadline and that the features that are being proposed needs to be reduced.


Chris Smith is looking forward to a new challenge as the executive assistant to the chief professional officer at Faith Community Hospital. How about receiving a customized one? Because of the type of communication, there appears to be less understanding of the issues, concerns or solutions on all parties. There are three major concerns that need to be addressed and are currently effecting the internal operation of the.

He also believes that Chris is not supporting him and is trying to undercut him while he is CYA. She knows that if AcuScan can get some type of prototype by August and beat their competitors, they can establish a position with their current customer base and future ones.

Pat Lambert is looking at things from marketing prospectivePat is familiar with what the company needs and realizes they need to find a new product to increase the revenue. Chris Martinas – arguments seem to more emotional and some what sound.

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Their current product has little growth potential which is indicated by dropping revenues and current economical conditions. For each problem listed above, describe the data, arguments, and reasoning that contribute to the problem. She realizes how important it is for Cancan to have a great prototype by August, this will beat the competitor ND Cancan will be able to establish a better position with their current customers as well as future clients.

What is the underlying problem that is the base cause of the conflict within Cancan? Kelly Thomas – arguments for the most part are emotional and unsound. Chris Martinis arguments appear to be emotional as well.


acuscan critical thinking case study

Stud it possible that other funding streams could be used to fund the project which would allow for more resources to the company? This executive summary will provide the. Use the case materials to complete this assignment.

Pat Lambert – from a marketing direction, Pat knows the company needs to find some new product or directions to boost revenues.

What is the underlying problem. Pat and Cliff will get the quality project to market at the desired and equitable time.

Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study

Although the interpretation of how to accomplish the motto varies, the. Communication needs to be revamped and more team meetings need to happen to discuss products and services of any changes.

acuscan critical thinking case study

He is basing his argument on experience as the vice president and also understanding of the market and the limited product that is being offered. This along with economical issues and reduced stduy has created lack of communications and the feeling of too much in to little time frame. Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study words – 7 pages.

As per Pat and Chris they state that another source is in the process to developing some type to retail application.

acuscan critical thinking case study

There are lots of emails, but little team work. As the head of marketing he understands the market the best.