The Univer- velopment Dialog 23 2. It was revealed that the whole service manual of Gyandoot needs a complete overhaul. The fresh, potential needs were assessed while short-listing the services provided by other e-governance projects in India so that more updated services could be found for the scaling of the project. Gyandoot could not evolve accordingly. A further 18 kiosks were added later. Other stakeholders include senior officials in the Madhya Pradesh government; the IT vendors, designers and implementers; and those intermediaries who profit by interceding between villagers and government, or between villagers and wholesale markets. Develop- for the Networked World, pp.

They were self employed having Rs annual income, average land 13 bighas, Hindi speaking and writing enabled, soochaks dependent for Gyandoot services but they possess at least one phone in every 1. People started sending their complaints to www. Every possible kind of questions were asked. Read- Working Paper Series. The study area has a good facility of telephones, schools and newspapers available at very small distance whereas district headquarters is 63 kms away.

Furthermore, it has at Rs. Women did not turn up even for getting their board exam results and this work was delegated to the members in their family.

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Assessment of Rural Poverty: Every complaint was given due priority and accountability during initial years but later on, people started using it to settle the personal score. The pilot project involved the establishment of computer centers connected through an Intranet network in 20 locations in five blocks of Dhar district with the District Rural Development Authority DRDA located at the Dhar town NGOs should be roped in to aware people with the need of technology and to serve as vertical and horizontal channel of communication and feedback.

Similarly, prostitutes in Mysore were also of the opinion that smart cards issued to them increased the individual dignity. Gyandoot was considered to be very successful in the early years of its implementation, and the project was awarded the Stockholm challenge information technology IT award in for public service and democracy.


Different rates are charged for access to agricultural product prices Rs.

However, the time can still be reduced. The project was designed to extend the benefits of information technology to people in rural areas by directly linking the government and villagers through information kiosks. The soochaks had good hardware. Each soochanalaya, on an average, provided services to about 15 Gram Panchayats, 25 to 30 villages serving around 20, to 30, villagers.

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InGyandoot hardly received any complaint. The kiosks provide access to a variety of government services, such as registration of oon and submission of applications for the issuance of certificates and loans. The study has some limitations in terms of fulfilment of objectives restricted to the standardisation of operational definition by the experts, possible biased responses of rural people due to caste, religion, income, gender and possibility of certain variables being left out etc.

The Gyandoot Intranet was been noted that some soochaks double as agents, set up at a total oj of Rs. In the fast changing commodity market, now market rates are only a phone call away. UN global e-government Survey 3 mentions ghandoot ICTs Information and Communication Technologies cut across all sectors to bring greater efficiency and opportunities to people.

It was decided to do a census study in the form of etudy content analysis of the complaints by forming various variables complaint stduy, date, month, year, days taken for reply, reply given or not, action taken and name of telecenter. Before this initiative, villagers would have to travel long distances to try to reach someone that may or may not have been there.

Everybody agreed that it should be continued but reformed. Fill in your details below or click an icon gyzndoot log in: Proceedings of the seventh International Working Sharma, A. This is seen in the choice of location Dhar is a relatively poor, relatively rural district ; in the identity of users targetted by information and service design; and in the identity of the kiosk operators who were selected from disadvantaged groups. All the complaints of mid day meal scheme in schools were found wrong.


Extensive media campaign with conventional and unconventional means should be carried out in the interior villages. There is a definite relationship between education and ICT usage.

InIndia’s population was estimated to be more than one billion, 50 percent of which still lived in villages It ensures a direct link between citizens and higher ups in government hierarchy thus bypassing all communication barriers which ensures an unadulterated response free from the biases of information gatekeepers. Some villages like Kesur even started the commodity trade syudy but Gyandoot could not take this credit.

Many soochaks worked for awhile in the neither pressure themselves shudy should they be pres- cities, away from their communities, but came back sured into unreasonable timeframes to demonstrate to work in a telekiosk when given an opportunity. As a result of all these problems, some of the kiosk operators have lost caes, since they depend on Gyandoot’s proper functioning to earn their living.

case study on gyandoot

Case study methodology has been adopted for this study. This site uses cookies. It clearly indicates that ICTs have beneficial side effects. The fresh, potential needs were assessed while short-listing the services provided by other e-governance projects in India so that more updated services could be found for the scaling of the project.

case study on gyandoot