For benzene, give a the hybridization on all carbon atoms; b all bond orders; c all bond angles. What is the most prevalent ion of Al? What is the predicted H—O—H bond angle? In general, the valence electrons on a metal atom are shared with many neighboring atoms, not just one. Indicate whether the following statement is true or false, and explain your reasoning: Calculate the average mass in amu of one methane molecule to 0. Based on the model, a what do all carbon atoms and ions have in common?

When two different atoms share electrons, which atom has the partial negative charge? Because there are 2 electrons in the first shell and 8 electrons in the second shell. Based on your answer to CTQ 9b, what is the mass grams of 6. What is the average mass, in grams, of: The Lewis Structure for the Nitrate Ion. Ionization energies increase when the core charge remains the same and the valence electrons are in a shell closer to the nucleus that is, up a column group of the periodic table.

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Verify that the points for CsF, F2, and Cs are at the appropriate positions on the bond-type triangle. At equilibrium, the forward rate is equal to the reverse rate; tyinking rates are 7.

chemactivity 28 critical thinking questions

Calculate the average mass in amu of one methane molecule to 0. Given the shell model of the atom, suggest a possible thinkinb that Lewis proposed a maximum of two electrons for hydrogen and a maximum of eight for carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and fluorine atoms? Contrary to our predictions, there are three peaks in the spectrum, not two!


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A Wave and Its Wavelength. Very little HA reacts. Two electrons and one critkcal nucleus are arranged in a straight line as shown below. Put the following molecules in order of increasing N—N bond length: Determine the total number of electron domains around the atom in question.

chemactivity 28 critical thinking questions

Ionization Energies and Energy Levels From the Coulombic Potential Energy expression, we know that an electron in a given shell will require questuons certain energy to be separated from the atom. It takes more energy to break the C—O bond in formaldehyde than to break the C—O bond in methanol. Although we will present figures in which the shells appear to be circular mostly because it is difficult to present three-dimensional representations on paperwe recognize that the model we develop is qualitatively consistent with spherical shells.

Shared electrons are evenly divided between the bonded atoms. Propose an alternative model for the lithium atom which is consistent with the data in Table 1. Criticap elements with AVEEs below 1.

chemactivity 28 critical thinking questions

ChemActivity 25 Metals 4. Young children continually ask why. What is the mass, in grams, of 5. Second, we note that the elements which tend to form positive ions the metals have AVEEs which are relatively small compared to those elements which are identified as nonmetals.

Name the shape of the thibking. These applications will be discussed later when we examine the structure and properties of molecules. Yes, if you count the two bonding electrons as being “around” each chemactivjty the Cl atoms. What is the sum of the bonding electrons and nonbonding electrons for each of the central atoms in Figure 1? How many valence electrons are in the NO—2 ion? Is the energy of a photon proportional or inversely proportional to f?


Experimental observations show that like charges repel each other. Without critical thinking, collaborative learning is offshore oil drilling research paper to become collaborative mis-learning. Place the following in order of increasing energy to remove an electron from the 1s energy level: That is, the larger the number of unpaired electrons, the larger the magnetic moment. Based on the analysis we have used critcal assign peaks in photoelectron spectra to shells and subshells in atoms, why is the peak at 0.

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At this point we will not be concerned about the details of the differences between the 2s and 2p levels. If the energy of the photon is greater than the energy necessary to remove an electron from the atom, an electron is ejected with the excess energy 1 appearing as kinetic energy, m!

One important characteristic of a wave is its wavelength! What is the mass in grams of: