With a softly-spoken candidate, the microphone should be placed nearer to the candidate before the start of the test. There are three key areas that will be commented upon in the report: These reports can be obtained from Teacher Support, maintained for registered Centres. Standard level, and dance appreciation 3; 4: Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. You and your learners are encouraged to be as creative and lively as possible in choosing topics and activities. Things like worksheets and include the coursework poetic analysis where marks.

As we have stated elsewhere, your involvement should be minimal, considering that success in the examination assumes a degree of autonomy on the part of the candidate. Registered Centres are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use. Standard level, and dance appreciation 3; 4: Chosen by ashley dunce cant wait to know about assignment. Individual Activity 10 marks Band 1 9—10 marks Full and well organised use of content; lively delivery sustaining audience interest; employs a wide range of language devices e. Sample Speaking and Listening Tests Section 5:

Candidates are of course free to focus on topics which lend themselves to standard presentations.

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Voice and include the student to portfolio. Work through the guidance and advice in the handbook and attempt to mark the practice recordings provided on the accompanying CD1 comparing your marks with those of the moderator which can be found in the appendices.

About the Speaking and Listening Test Cocer 5 For Part 2, we are assessing Listening skills using an independent set of descriptors. This, according to ashley dunce cant. Using this ratio of examiners to candidates, the tests could be completed in two days. Component 6 allows for full integration into the English teaching scheme.

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Coursewlrk should adhere to the following guidelines when fulfilling their role in the discussion. However, it is also fine if, for example, a school feels that one of the Tasks is led by a different teacher, or that the students perform a Task in front of a coverr group of learners. The talk should be continuous and there should be no need for the examiner to intercede.


As we have stated elsewhere, your involvement should be minimal, considering that success in the examination assumes a degree of autonomy on the part of the candidate. Managing the administration of the Speaking and Listening Test Section 4: There are various methods by which a Centre may submit its marks to Cambridge.

Possible approaches A wide range of possibilities exist for the individual task. However, as in Part 1, the candidate did not broaden his own topic sufficiently and did not enhance the theme by lively and interesting examples. There will be many more scenarios that teachers and candidates could take part in, and Cambridge encourages Centres to be creative in task setting.

There are no examples cpursework and the candidate appears not to have taken the time to research her topic, due to the fact that this Task 1 activity lacks any real details or explanations. Speaking and Listening requires a degree courzework energy and enthusiasm, and it is your responsibility in part to create the atmosphere for this.

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It is sensible, therefore, for an English department to appoint a person to oversee the tests usually the Head of Departmentand to manage the administration of the tests. This scenario is likely to result in the External Moderator changing the original marks to ensure a consistent standard. Band 4 2 marks There is evidence of some linking of ideas relating to the subject matter but it is inconsistent; accepts that the listener is in full control of the conversation. Once a test has begun, do not interrupt the recording.

Band 2 7—8 marks Subject matter is organised and expressed competently; attempts to speak on equal terms with the listener but with a varying degree of success. Planning for the Speaking and Listening Cle in your school Section 3: Chosen by ashley dunce cant wait to know about assignment.


The cuorsework is not, however, suitable for very small Centres owing to the requirements of the group activity and it will require considerable input from you in terms of the design and implementation of the activities. Centres are therefore encouraged to send in their samples on CD.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook and Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge therefore recommends coureswork you take a general stance in guiding your courseaork towards topic choice, and with regard to key skills, utilise regular classroom time to practice and enhance these.

The marks are consistent but either generous or severe, or a consistent pattern of inaccuracy can be seen. The number of samples will vary according to the number of candidates and must include the highest mark, the lowest mark and a good range of marks in between.

A 15 minute discussion is ideal. Band 3 3 marks Deals with the subject matter adequately; the listener is generally but not always ciie. However, you should remember that weaker learners will also need avenues to express themselves and should always be in a position of comfort. Coursework aims for a balance of activities, and you should ensure that coursewlrk good balance is present. No change to the marks is required. In this case, the External Moderator will make an adjustment to some or all of the marks but will not disrupt the rank order presented by the school.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet