Practice for sale – Anesthesiology 0. If you can’t speak to the provider directly, leave a resume and a short cover letter explaining your mission. Nuclear Medicine Radiology 1. This way, you may be able to step in once your colleague is finished with that particular clinical rotation. When you reach out to MDs, NPs and PAs asking them to act as your preceptor, you will undoubtedly be rejected, even by personal connections. Instead, embrace rejection by telling them you understand but would appreciate if they could connect you with another medical provider who would be willing to help out.

Palliative Care Leadership 8. Work with your university Even if you attend a nurse practitioner program that does not assist students in securing clinical sites, faculty at your university have connections with the outside world. If you are acquainted with any alumni of your nurse practitioner program, even if you don’t know them well, ask for a connection with their past clinical preceptors. Adult Gerontology Primary Care Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Locum Tenens – Other Doctors 0.

Be sure to tailor your letter to the specific job description.

If you are having a difficult time locating a clinical preceptor, there are a few steps you can take precetpor increase your chances of success. Or sign in with one of these services. Practice for sale – Anesthesiology 0.


cover letter for fnp preceptor

This expands your network of prospective preceptors. Practice For Sale – Thoracic Surgery 0. This clinical portion of your program is lead by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant in the clinic or hospital.

So, buck up, put on a good attitude, and get flexible. Faculty may also have connections with other nurse practitioners and physicians from their own personal practices.

How to Find a Clinical Preceptor for Your Nurse Practitioner Program

A good way to start is to generate a list of your qualities and achievements that aren’t already obvious in your resume or application. General Vascular Surgery Chances are that if you poll your connections, at least a few know a medical provider personally. Legal Spotlight The Flip Side: While my third term does not officially start until late August, the process does takes some time on our end and thus, I am looking to secure a preceptor by mid May.

Also, consider using Grammerlya free service that edits your writing, and be sure to run it by a few friends or colleagues who are good writers or editors. If you can’t speak to the provider directly, leave a resume and a short cover letter explaining your mission. Sign in with LinkedIn. Gastroenterology – General – DDW Locum Tenens – Rheumatology 0.

Ask Erin The Newsroom: Finding a medical provider to precept you in this venture isn’t always easy. Generally, cover letters should have a clean design with concise, grammatically correct syntax.


cover letter for fnp preceptor

Palliative Care Leadership 8. I am extremely interested in brain stimulation therapies and would like to be considered for a position at your ECT clinic. Im so nervous that i wont get anyone so i have been sitting in this letter for weeks But i guess i will never really know unless I send them out. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Leave this field blank. ccover

cover letter for fnp preceptor

If I was the recipient, I would definitely be interested in meeting you. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice For Sale – Family Medicine 0. Fellowships – Other 1.

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Ask the director of your NP program where students have completed clinical hours in the past. Who is attending NTI? Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine 0. Small clinics are more likely to be receptive to your efforts as they may be able to use an preceptkr hand and are generally more personal.