His mother, Sofia Pruteanu, was an office worker. Books and chapters of books: Coordinator in the research project funded by the professional organization of Architects of Romania, national policy study foundation for architecture. Contract signed on Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 4 October

Tudor ramane fara parlamentaril”. Retrieved 13 February Pescaru, Maria, La delinquance juvenile dans la societe roumaine, in Universitary Journal of Sociology, no. Area coordinator at the Center for Urban and Regional Sociology for the Survey on drinking alchoholic beverages in March-April ; 8. She published 24 volumes of poetry and prose and was a prolific translator of key works from world literature into Romanian. Cluj-Napoca is considered to be the major city of Transylvania, a historical region with a significant Hungarian minority. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

Coordinator of the research project funded by the National Journal newspaper, Romania Romania in compared toduring the contract period: Rezultate Finale Alegeri “. Pescaru, Maria, Violence manifested in Schools: Pescaru, Maria, Naidin, Mihaela, Psychosociological perspective on the phenomenon of ethno-cultural identity and cultural crisis, Universitary Journal of Sociology, no.

She served as mayor of Craiova from towhen she resigned to vasilrscu Minister of Labor.

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In she was promoted as Deputy Editor. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

Pescaru, Maria, Physical education and sport social activities, in Scientific report series physical education and sport, Index Copernicus, Scipio, Ultrich, http: National research developed in March ; Coordinator in the research team of Consultancy services for the second midterm evaluation and the final evaluation of the project realization Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change beneficiary, regional research conducted in 43 villages located in 10 river basins, held in October-November ; 4.


We have made proposals and recommendations for improving the work of COR in accordance with the requirements of the European market and of ISO standard, coordinating institution: Coordinator research team in European competition “Draw me a right” organized by the European Commission, General Directorate for Justice, Freedom and Security, competition organized on the occasion “of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on Human Rights” ; Who is who of European Woman; Training Courses: This page was last edited on 13 Aprilat Log In Sign Up.

curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

Health services in EU countries. He was a member of the Senate — for Bihor County.

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Before NovemberCiontu was the vice-president and later President of the Greater Romania Party, where he was seen as more moderate than the party’s leader, Corneliu Vadim Tudor.

Inhe received his PhD in history.

Opinion survey conducted among elderly people on living standards issue, coordinating institution: Pescaru, Maria, The consequences of the contemporary family migration on child rearing and education, in the International Conference volume Rebuilding the social. Pescaru, Maria, The vite of the juvenile delinquency phenomenon in the Romanian society, Universitary Journal of Sociology, http: Participant in the target group of the project: Conferences participant in the research project CONSEL- Counseling students for a smooth transition from vitaee to work, organized on 20th of Septemberfinanced by the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Programme for the Human Resources Development prioritary axis: Pescaru, Maria, Social determinants of juvenile delinquency – aspects of Romanian society, in the Scientific Bulletin Socio-Human series vol.


Pescaru, Maria, The problem of the culture crisis in the Romanian and European sociology, in the Sociology Conference and the social assistance in front of the crisis process organized by the National Quality of Life Romanian Academy- 3. Leonida Lari topic Leonida Lari 26 October — 11 December was a Romanian poet, journalist, and politician from the Republic of Moldova, who advocated for the reunion of Bessarabia with Romania.


In this investigation based on a questionnaire aimed at studying perception, attitude energy companies, the content, structure and utility of this specific standard practices CS The views from the questionnaires are very useful vitze determining directions of development vasilesvu inteprinderilor and strategies, but also in terms of monitoring, impact assessment and compliance initiatives and social responsibility programs.

Jubilee Diploma from the University of Pitesti; She fell into a coma in September from which she never recovered, dying from complications on 3. Roma Education Found, national research involving monitoring schools, interviewing directors monitored schools and teachers who teach in curricullum during the semester II of the school year.

Pescaru, Maria, The developement and reorganization of the institutions for child protection in Romania in Llguta Journal of Sociology, no.

The 5th edition — Tradition and innovation in the scientific curriuclum, 10 October 3. Contract signed on Pescaru, Maria, Social determinant factors in shaping the young delinquent behavior, Journal of Political Science, no.