In the affair took up more and more of the political scene. He sought to appease religious, social, and economic tensions and conducted a fairly conservative policy. In an historical irony, it was Demange who obtained the acquittal of the Marquis de Mores , assassin of the Jewish Captain Mayer in a duel. Tensions were high in all strata of society, fueled by an influential press, who were virtually free to write and disseminate any information even if offensive or defamatory. Vincent Duclert’s Biography of Alfred Dreyfus includes, in pages, the complete correspondence of Alfred and Lucie Dreyfus from to

Nevertheless the cause of the Dreyfusards was restarted. Anti-Semitic newspapers display Dreyfus as a traitor, while others decided to wait for the verdict before publishing their opinions. He succeeded in improving stability, and it was under this stable government that the Dreyfus Affair occurred. Despite covert attempts by the army to quash the case, the initial conviction was annulled by the Supreme Court after a thorough investigation. Alfred Dreyfus was in no way aware of what was happening thousands of kilometres from him. It began with the pamphlet of Bernard Lazare, the first intellectual Dreyfusard. If asked, speak like that, because that person should never know what happened with him.

On 7 July during a questioning in the House, Cavaignac reported three items “overwhelming among a thousand”, two of which had no connection with the case. It was an occasion for new antisemitic riots that the government suppressed half-heartedly.

The army had recovered from the defeat but many of its officers were aristocrats and monarchists. He and du Paty were both excused. At the end ofhe learned with astonishment the actual size of the affair, about which he knew nothing: A Republican Guard adjutant tore off his badges, thin strips of gold, his stripes, cuffs and sleeves of his jacket.


He was initially no more positive than Gobert but he did not exclude the possibility of its being the writing of Dreyfus. The role played by the press and public opinion proved influential in the conflict. You may send this item to up to five recipients. If asked, speak like that, because that person should never know what happened with him. The Media and the Affair Throughout the affair, the media was used and exploited by various groups that attempted to turn public opinion to their favour.

At the time of the Dreyfus Affair there were an estimated Jewish officers in the army about 3 per cent of the totalof whom ten were generals. The expert [Note 11] Gobert was not convinced and found many differences. The period of the Occupation throws a veil over the case.

Their thesis was that historians had neglected the correspondence of Schwartzkoppen disssertation Panizzardi, and that homosexuality played a central role in the slandering of Dreyfus. France became increasingly divided over the case, and the issue continued to be hotly debated until the end of the century. The creation of the French League for Human Rights was contemporaneous with the affair.

Dissertation Zola Dans Laffaire Dreyfus

The Dreyfus affair was set at a very unfortunate moment in time; ddreyfus affair took place at the very heart of the s right after the rapid rise of anti-Semitism had attained its peak. The New York Times. After reading it the lawyer had absolute confidence, as he saw the emptiness of the prosecution’s case. Picquart’s investigations of the Dreyfus Affair.

Dreyfus affair

During searches of the Statistics Section he discovered numerous documents, most of which were obviously fabricated. WorldCat is the adns largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.


In JanuaryCommander Esterhazy was trialled following the discovery of various pieces of evidence gathered by Dreyfusards that raised suspicions on whether he was a spy.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

Can I hide their crimes? On 30 August Laffaier resigned himself to demanding explanations from Colonel Henry in the presence of Boisdeffre and Gonse. Long live the Army”. With hindsight we can deduce that the press played a crucial role throughout the affair. Dreyfus was reinstated in the army with the rank of artillery major by law on 13 July In dissertafion, the lawyer and historian Jean-Denis Bredin published L’Affair The Affair ; it is recognized as the best summary [ citation needed ] of the Dreyfus affair.

In his innocence was officially established by an irrevocable judgement of the Supreme Court. This was a rather crude forgery.

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By that judgment, the Supreme Court imposed itself as an absolute authority capable of standing up to military and political power. The next day the ship sailed for French Guiana.

See the testimony from Trial at Rennes Volume 3p. For this eventuality the Statistics Section had prepared a zolq containing, in principle, four “absolute” proofs of the guilt of Captain Dreyfus accompanied by an explanatory note.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

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