Yoga and Diya Meditation: Girls must wear skirts covering their knee. If found, the articles will be confiscated for six months. A healthy competitive and team spirit is thus inculcated and encouraged in every child. Pragyan House House colour — Yellow Motto: All students will attend school on the reopening day after each of the vacations. Students must travel by the route that is allotted to them.

Other Awards for participation at Co-Curricular Activities are: Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. The book may be reissued after returning to the library. They should bear the name of the child or have an identification mark that the child can recognize. Educational trips for classes I and above are organised from time to time to help them get a first-hand information for their project work. For students of Pre-Primary, two sets of aprons and napkins need to be deposited with the class teacher.

If such instances are repeated, then the child may be asked to leave the school.

Information regarding Admission in Class XI The School embeds international learning into the curriculum through the plethora of programmes like International student and Teacher Exchange with partner school in UK, Common Hloiday class team projects, face to faith, connecting classrooms and school enterprise challenge.

Prabal House House colour — Red Motto: In case of emergencies, the injured child is rushed to the hospital. In case of non-compliance, they will not be allowed to attend classes and parents shall be called to take them home. Parents are requested not to enter the bus and disrupt the functioning. Eating in the buses or littering is not permitted. Eat a balanced diet.


Please ensure that your ward reaches school on or before reporting time under homewprk circumstances. Try, try again If you find your task is hard, try try again Time will bring you your reward Try, Try again All that other folks can do Why, with patience should not you Only keep this rule in view Try, Try again.

Or the most intricate relationship of logic?

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The frontiers of internationalism facilitated for a catalytic change entailed for the young crop of talent to grab the global landscape. Girls must wear skirts covering their knee. Parents are requested not to communicate with the drivers or conductors at all.

dps raipur holiday homework 17-18

All students will attend school on the reopening day after each of the vacations. Allotment of a seat is subjected to availability. Update yourself with current happenings by reading newspaper and watching news. At the end of the academic year, based on the teachers’ observation and interaction on a regular basis, a careful selection is made to give the following awards: Tough times never last, tough people do.

Immunize their children as per the doctor’s advice.

School provides morning refreshment to the students at nominal cost. Kindly go through the Almanac of your ward frequently as it facilitates communication between the parent and the school. Students who have received scholar badge for four consecutive years. Girls of class III upwards must wear black cycling shorts homewor the divided-skirt.


Cakes, pastries, cold drinks, chocolate bars, chewing gum and fancy gifts are not permitted. We offer opportunities to our students so that they learn to challenge their own abilities, learn to cooperate and collaborate and hence learn to be a good global citizen.

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It has made impressive strides since its inception. Adoption of Nardaha village was quintessential of giving back to society.

dps raipur holiday homework 17-18

We believe that education is the means by which we discern humanity and contribute towards its rapur and renewal and that one’s education is unsurpassed when pursued in the companionship of others and hence the integrity of the stakeholders is essential to our ethos. Non-adherence to school rules and regulations.

Leave on Formative and Summative Assessment should be strictly avoided as it may hamper the child’s Academic Progress and Promotion to higher class. Some of the activities which the school provides are: DPS Raipur, situated on the outskirts of Raipur city, creates a congenial and conducive atmosphere for learning and promoting the budding talents.

So don’t be over-concerned.