When I touched the deer, I realised she was pregnant. We don’t almost always think in a balanced way, more so when it is the case of animals, mountains or mountain ecology. It is bitter reality. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. The speaker is, indeed, in two minds.

The reader shows love to the fawn but not to the doe. You can see the twinkling stars above if it is a clear dark night. Pages Liked by This Page. The speaker wants to make a decision, however, the outcome is already determined or decided for him. Those who breach laws should be fined. It is bitter reality.

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Swerve in line 4 means “change direction suddenly” and it has a physical meaning. When he observed its belly closely, he sensed that the fawn inside it must be alive.

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Some of those decisions already have definite conclusions, but we wish we could change the conclusion to them by making the choice but we don’t have the power in order to change the way we make these decisions.

Essay on driving in the dark hseb educating more people and educating them better appears to be the best single bet that a society can make. This is the irony of life as we can’t do all the good things we are taught and brought up to believe and practice. Does the poem moralize? He is a representative helpless man. You can only become sentimental, so he feels deeply for the unborn fawn. What kind of images are used in the poem? The lights of the car shone and the engine was still on.


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In the second instance the poet swerves between the easy course of action pushing the deer into the river and the more difficult, but better course of action trying to save the unborn baby deer.

But these sounds are a joy in themselves. Joseph Thapa August 20, at 9: Malai vanna audina,malai pokhna droving vawanaa ka kura Song. Explain the title of the poem.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

The car seems to be urging the speaker to make quick decision, and hence the physical action of the first three stanzas is replaced by mental action in the fifth stanza that eventually results in the disposal of the dead deer.

The ambiguity that is so fa- vorable to the poetic mind is precisely the ambiguity favorable to resemblance In this ambiguity, the inten- sification of reality by resemblance increases realization and this essay on driving in the dark hseb realization is pleasurable.

He stops to push it off the road.

On a minor note, it is ironical also that we kill innocent animals but can’t decide what proper action to take. What is the meaning of the last two lines of the poem? In our country, accident caused by animals, is on the increase.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

It does mean we learn how to risk appropriately, Maulavi. Or You may choose below answer: So, he pushes the deer into the river.


We also see the contrast in that the smoke is “warm” but the doe is stiff and cold. Yes, of course, the poet tries to make the poem sentimental and drivint opens the reality of the life of the fawn.

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You can also enjoy in all its diversity: Washington, The statutes attempts to uproot Irish elements in the Anglo-Irish sought to create not only essay on driving in the dark hseb from drivinf native Irish, but also a greater sense of connection between the Anglo-Irish and those born in England. Its stomach was large and I realised that her side was warm.

What is the tone of the poem: Thus, the tone is mainly ironical and depressing. The dead doe was disturbing travelers and posed the risk of accidents.

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However, humans should not blame the animals for any accidents caused by them. Pages Liked by This Page. Then hseb feel free to contact us at: