May 20, Sydney Lowery rated it liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She finds Jamee with her father’s help. Luckily, though, Darcy is able to open herself up to some new friends who then help her through the difficult situations she finds herself and her family members facing. Mom has to work extra hours since dad left and now Mom is tired all the time. After Darcy had been noticing a stranger following her she decides to call , which tell her that the man is her dad.

Bobby Wallace was known to be dangerous. I choose this becouse its very interesting to me and first time i the first page was kind of sad and. Dacry ends up getting into some trouble trying to protect her sister. Overall, the book was okay. I think the reason Jamee ran away I think that this book ws good. So she braks up with him and then he starts to hit her. I love the way she wrote the book with great descriptive words.

Lost and Found Reader reviewed by olyvia boooo i’m reding a book a called Lost and Found it is about a girl that lives with her momther granmother and her little sister Jamie is 12 years old. So after awhile Jamee runs away, where?

Darcy and Jamee decided to forgive their father after his confessions to them of being wrong for leaving his family. Some parts got very interesting and exciting. Jamee Wills, Darcy’s younger sister, who is he other main character of the book. The main character Darcy gets straight A’s at Bluford high.


Anne Schraff is a great author.

essay on lost and found by anne schraff

At school Darcey had bigger problems, she has to team up with someone she thought was at the low level and she found out from her project partner that no one likes her, she only has one real friend and people were talking about her behind her back. Oct 12, Nadia Brumell rated it really liked it. Apr 01, Kelsie Rueda rated it really essah it.

Reader reviewed by Leslie Stevenson This book was awesome! Reader reviewed by Brittany Could things get much worse? Their father came to Darcy to help find Jamee, they went to a diner to talk.

Lost and Found (Bluford #1) by Anne Schraff Book Reviews

The part that connected to my life is that she love to protect her family to the worse have her fohnd life and figh for her family and others allways worry about her sister and here family to get safe and be withe her family all the time and my personal experience is that she is still have hope to come allway worrying about the family and her beautiful sister.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy mystery because this book is all about it.

essay on lost and found by anne schraff

Lists with This Book. My Virtual Prince Charming. The Virtue of Sin.

Lost and found by anne schraff book report

Their father decided to appear out of nowhere after five years. She always pays attention to her family and tries to help them to solve their problems, gives them her love, encourages them and it is a girl of good feelings. Everyone went searching for her. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd and acting out, it got worse her grandmother suffered a stroke shes living with them but she talks crazy sometimes, and her mother works all the time trying to keep a roof over their heads.


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essay on lost and found by anne schraff

Cooper schrafff Tarah boyfriend an became Hakeem friend an he just help with everything. So driving the car i think its very easy but controlling the hard part. Sign up for one. Jamee ended up running away because of all the drama with school and her family life.

It took place in the past, because of the way they talked and the tense of the words used.

The most amazing part of Lost and found, in my opinion, would be when they found Jamee. She was born on September 21, and is 75 years old. As we know from the schrfaf book, Sep 04, Maria Lane rated it liked it.

Lost and Found

I found that they were more driven by emotion than personality; Darcy Wills is the prime example of this. Unfortunately, things seem to get much worse before they get better. The Losy, a peaceful, technologically advanced alien species known as She’s taught to be submissive and obedient to their