It also attempts to discover the specific points of change in global izing economy formulated and led by America, focusing on the nature and development of the tension that exists the economic interests and political values of America. Repeated oral and written practice will be stressed to develop further the accuracy of pronunciations, the knowledge of grammar and the fluency in Chinese. This course is designed to improve logical thinking and writing skills of the students, with the perspectives of the performative humanities. Korean music practical skill Instrumental music-Gayageum. The contents of the course will be stylized each term, considering the student’;s needs and backgrounds.

Religion and politics play a significant role in English Renaissance drama while classical and medieval literary tradition is dearly imitated and worked upon. Grade value of the work to do and decide priority, understand importance and meaning of manners and improve manners in social life, and understand attitudes associated with success and put them into practice. The solar energy research center has been established by the financial support from Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korea. Students will learn to apply text analysis, text typology, and contrastive analysis of their working languages to identify, analyze, and resolve translation problems while independently developing an efficient and rational approach to the process of translation. This course aims at enhancing students’ ability to adjust themselves to various situations through intensive dialogue practice. This course aims both at conducting research on academic convergence and at literacy education, pursuing communication crossing the boundaries between culture and technology.

By inducing students to discuss freely and have question and answer sessions briskly about questions coming to mind during developing computer programs in practice, students will acquire computer programming understandings. The focus will be on synyactic issues within both first and second language acquisition, with some attention to relevant theories of language acquisition.

Digital convergence is occurring. Scholarship recipients must achieve a minimum 3.

global capstone project hanyang

The course requires the students to make three oral presentations and write three essays in English on their major-related topics. This course is composed of 3 parts, “pride in Hanyang”, “core values in global society” and “life planning.

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This class is divided by 2 parts explaining writing and thoughts, speech and culture. The hanyajg for this course are to learn how: In speech communication, speakers have to make plans in their minds with respect to what words and a sentence that contain the words are needed to be said in order to deliver the thoughts that they want to get across encoding of speech production.


Modernism emerged with its insistent breaks with the immediate past, its different inventions, ‘making it new’ with elements from cultures remote in time and space. This course builds on what was studied in Critical English Writing 1 and 2, and very little time will be spent reviewing the mechanics of elementary composition; it is assumed that students know how to write paragraphs and have progressed beyond 5-paragraph essays.

In this course, students are expected 1 to understand different varieties of the English language that they may encounter in communicating people from different parts of the world, and 2 to improve their communicative skills in English not only capsone a mere communicative means but caostone as a means of sharing diversity rooted in hannyang cultures and societies.

This process will allow students to actively seek means of supporting young business people and their start-up projects around the globe, or small and middle-sized enterprises to expand their businesses to China, which might have been limited even with practical business plans.

His career as a wide range of knowledge and lessons learned in the previous semester plan to explore in depth the process. The course will focus on the greatest 19th and 20th century short stories in English. The goal of this course is to help students enhance logical thinking in their speaking and writing in Chinese.

Instruction will focus on the concepts and strategies needed in order to both organize and deliver a presentation, along with informal and formal opportunities to practice them.

The course will cover how behaviorism, universal grammar, information processing, input model, and output hypothesis view second language acquisition and what strength and weakness each theory or hypothesis has.

Humanism, and Neo-Platonism germinate and blossom with unprecedented vigor in this period, and students are encouraged to know its literary elegance and the background, the Religious Reformation.

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All areas of the final essay will be covered, including organizing information, judging reliability of sources, defending a thesis with documented evidence, and publishing the paper in a prescribed MLA format. Students are expected to have previously taken at least two of the following courses: In “life planning”, students will reflect on their past and present and develop their vision and mission statement.


Korean Traditional Music Large transverse bamboo flute. This course builds on what students learned in Critical Thinking and English Composition 1, but takes essays as its base unit of composition rather than paragraphs.

In this course, contents and principles of organizing an English textbook for secondary school English education are studied.

global capstone project hanyang

Accordingly, this course will prlject cultural phenomena in Chinese rhetorical expressions, numbers, color terms, plant and animal names, lucky and unlucky words, idioms, proverbs, allusions, the secret language, language games, personal and place names, brand names, and body language. In a global soceity, you can prepare for your future through HELP2. His career as a wide range of knowledge and lessons learned in the previous semester plan to explore in depth the process.

The class will guide students through the formation of simple arguments, the identification of common flaws in arguments, the evaluation and repair of arguments, and the application of the preceding to authentic texts. Objective The ‘User Agreement’ defines pertinent information that the user needs to know in order to use the comprehensive services for international students on the SIMS Web site.

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With these characteristics of Romanticism in mind, this course will focus on major Romantics: Department of English Language and Literature aims to cultivate talented people who have scientific analysis ability and humanistic literacy, and then, select and accept English information in various fields of society and deliver the information to the places where they need it.

Korean music practical skill Instrumental music-Seven-stringed instrument.

global capstone project hanyang

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