We will discuss whether we think the essentials work and if there is possibility for improvement. The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per week 6. Individual tuition will help to build skills. We will look at the subtleties between first and third person narratives, omniscient narratives, free indirect style, and reliable and unreliable narrators. Courses cover everything from getting started as a novelist to finishing a work of fiction, as well as screenwriting, historical fiction, biography and more. Three courses will be on offer and each course is aimed at a different level of experience. How do we decide what narrative voice or voices to adopt, or is it the case that this crucial feature of biographical style will emerge in the course of writing.

Inspiring articles on a wide range of topics, plus inspirational interviews with our attendees and tutors. How do they drive the narrative, what transformation do they undergo, what is their motivation and what obstacles do they have to overcome? Should the two voices be the same? Learn how to shape and write a compelling memoir book proposal that catches the attention of literary agents and publishers, with critically-acclaimed author and journalist Jessica Pan. The exercises set for this class will be about pushing the imagination beyond its usual constraints and seeing what you discover.

This course will change your life. We will welcome a non-fiction editor to talk about memoirs they have commissioned and worked on and give us a frank overview of the publishing process.

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The Guardian is proud to announce Masterclasses, an ambitious international programme of face-to-face courses across film, food and drink, gardening, music, photography, technology, writing and other disciplines. Taster and Enrichment Events. Here we will discuss some examples of short biographies with examples drawn from the past.


Starting a novel is easy, finishing it is hard — the greatest challenge to would-be novelists is commitment.

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The Difference Campaign Campaign News. From prize-winning creative non-fiction to celebrity tell-alls and confessional misery-lit, memoirs have generated critical exaltation, controversy and some serious sales.

Writers will learn through workshopping to listen to constructive criticism and wrjting receive help from the tutor and group in thinking of ways forward. Weeks 5 — Take a look at our full calendar of courses. Are you happy with the course content and direction? Another in-class exercise will allow us to experiment with these ideas for ourselves.

Short story 3, or a novel extract, will be set as final homework to be handed in at the end of the course in session Over six months students will learn the component parts to creating a story, how to guaddian a strong foundation and key techniques employed by authors in a workshop environment.

Can it be made to fit one? Assessment Writers who successfully complete the course will receive a successful completion certificate from UEA. Students will then choose one of the extracts to produce a piece of writing modeled on it. Students will begin to write a short story based on their research.

Find out more about Monique on her website. Learn how to create and deliver high-quality presentations that make leave a lasting impression with audiences, clients and colleagues. Writers who successfully complete the course will receive a successful completion certificate from UEA. Writers who successfully complete the course will receive a successful completion certificate from UEA. This ,asterclass open us up to a key element of writing memoir: We will look at authenticity in dialogue and how dialogue can be used to express character, show rather than tell external detail, convey information, as well as advance the plot.


Mark McCrum has published fifteen books, including five top ten bestsellers.

Level 1: How to tell a story

Through this course students will discover xreative, their own personal style and will be assessed at the end. To what extent can a writer of non-fiction invent material, and what are the ethics surrounding that?

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Strategies for stimulating memory. We will discuss the process of learning how to develop reliable editorial skills along side the creative muse.

Week 11 This session will be given over to individual tutorials. The form functions in creativee similar way to poetry in that it usually distils and condenses rather than embellishes, creates snapshots rather than fully fledged narratives and moves more swiftly towards closure.

UEA and the Guardian already make a significant contribution to the literary culture of this country.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Structure of final assessment piece Each member of the group will present an overview of their word final submission for discussion in class. How can you enrich mawterclass from the past with telling and convincing dialogue. This will involve writing, guidance from the tutor and perhaps some group sharing of ideas and workshopping. Like every other topic, we will return to this often.