The contents of the group table are specific for each inspection. When the “open session” dialog appears, you’re ready to go. InvocationEvent dispatch and AWT request tracking. It took me less than half an hour to start profiling including the download and installation , without any prior knowledge of the product and without reading any documentation. Most of the time would then be spent in the method that keeps the threads waiting while the actual task will only get a small part of the overall time and will be hard to spot. We have selected the Jclasslib class file browser as our application available from http:

What happens inside javax. Type to Search Subscribe View Tags. Local sessions which allow you to assemble the information required to start and profile your application in a point and click interface. This certainly constitutes a huge waste of resources completely out of proportion with respect to the performed task. As a result, the two screenshots on the right show who is referencing these arrays.

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This is particularly useful for request tracking where you typically jump back and forth between different threads and call stacks, but jproviler works for all manual changes of thread selection, thread status, aggregation level and tree view mode as well. There are built-in probes for: So, in order to keep the formatting, one would have to develop a new component to render the bytecode document by looking at the data model and generating the displayed text on the fly.

Local Profiling and Remote Profiling.


jprofiler case study

When analyzing my execution time, the casr helpful tool was the “Hot Spots” view:. It also gives you a feeling for the execution speed of various application components as well as a bird’s eye view of the call flow. I’m not an expert user and my experience with JProfiler is limited.

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DZone ‘s Guide to. You can expand the call and see which methods invoked it and, for each of those methods, what was its’ share in the overall performance cost.

jprofiler case study

In this graph, each method gets a color according to its’ contribution to the overall performance. There are two different types of Profiling in JProfiler. This graph is updated every 5 seconds while the program executes.

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JProfiler: Your Java Code Could be Running Faster in Under Two Hours

If we were starting Jclasslib from the command line, we would use java -cp “C: If we remove the formatting and append the bytecode document as a single string, all problems are gone: Leave this field blank.

In the editor, you get code completion for all parameters and the current object, if they can be found in the configured class path. For triggers that do not intercept methods, a simple caee script” trigger action has been added. On left side of the JProfiler’s main window view selector is located.

In that case, you can select the desired execution site after clicking on the hyperlink: In the example below, the intercepted method gets a java.

jprofiler case study

Most applications are multi-threaded, and “thread profiling” analyzes thread synchronization issues. This type of session can be used to profile virtually any Java application server. Analyzing long-running AWT tasks can now be done with a combination of an exceptional method configuration for java.


Even if TPTP works on your platform, it is still behind the commercial tools. Type to Search Subscribe View Tags.

Tool Report: JProfiler

A “time profiling” measures the execution paths of your application on the casf level whereas “memory profiling” gives you insight into the development of the heap, such as which methods allocate most memory. In the outgoing references view of the heap walker, you can now apply filters. Inspection can take some time to calculate, so the results are cached and you can quickly go back and forth between several calculated inspections.

Relatively low execution overhead with many profiling options instrumentation, sampling, etc. JProfiler helps in Organizing Profiling data into view Sections. During the startup phase JProfiler immediately starts displaying live information in all its views. This useful feature dtudy you focus on the bottlenecks separately from the various components of an application.

From this study it becomes clear that the javax. I’ll start from the bottom line.