The associated research includes approaches to maintain energy deficits for weight loss in overweight populations, as well as methods for promoting a positive energy balance to increase muscle mass in older adults. Standardised mean differences SMDs and standard errors were extracted for AG and total PYY and GLP-1 concentrations in control and exercise trials and synthesised using a random effects meta-analysis model. The inclusion of rest periods prior to exercise into AUC calculations could potentially underestimate the effect of exercise on hormone responses. Mean BMI was included as a moderating variable, as a negative association exists between study mean BMI and acylated ghrelin concentrations [ 25 ]. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition , vol. We acknowledge that our estimates of variance may have been affected by this issue.

View at Google Scholar J. This analysis was only performed for acylated ghrelin as there were not enough studies reporting data for total PYY or total GLP-1 to obtain sufficiently precise and meaningful estimations of metaregression slope. Governments are developing schemes and guidelines to help counter overweight and obesity. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that we captured all the relevant studies for this review. Kevin has also developed an interest in extreme environments, as demonstrated by his role as a research lead for the Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition in

Subsequent researchers confirmed these earlier findings [ 5 — 9 mevin. Most studies on exercise and appetite regulation involve crossover designs and relatively small sample sizes.

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The average BMI of the participants in this review was European Journal of Applied Physiologyvol. Study selection criteria were not limited by the duration or observation period after exercise. Three studies included standardised meals before the exercise bout [ 132124 ] and four studies included ad libitum meals after the exercise bout [ 13212224 ].


Outside of academia, Kevin has won national athletics titles and represented Great Britain at the European Cross Country Championships. Of these, million men and nearly million women were obese [ 1 ]. Inclusion Criteria For inclusion, studies were required to meet the following criteria: Therefore, these individuals are in an energy deficit, and if maintained over time this could theesis in weight loss.

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A negative effect size indicates that exercise was associated with decreased hormone concentrations, whilst a positive effect size indicates that hormone concentrations increased with exercise [ 19 ]. Potential studies were identified by examining the abstracts and full-text copies were obtained deightkn they met the initial criteria of evaluating appetite hormone changes in response to an acute exercise bout. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolismvol.

Mean BMIs were pooled from studies collected in the current review together with those reported for lean individuals in a recent review by Schubert et al. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutritionvol. It has been hypothesised that exercise could influence acylated ghrelin differently in obese males and females. To deightoj search sensitivity, there were also no limitations on the intensity, duration, or modality of the acute exercise bout.

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Further still, studies varied kevun meal provision standardised, ad libitum, or no meal after exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercisevol. Studies were also excluded if they did not include a control trial.

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Data shown is pooled from the current review and from a previous review [ 15 ]. Physiology and Behavior https: The control condition was required to be identical to that of the exercise condition, minus the exercise bout. Blood samples were collected at regular intervals throughout all trials. Together, these could further cofound the deignton of hormonal responses to exercise.


Proceedings of the Nutrition Societyvol. His publication record includes a focus on the influence of exercise and diet on appetite regulation, ksvin hormone release and cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Journal of Obesity

For example, acylated ghrelin an appetite-stimulating hormone has been found to be suppressed after vigorous exercise [ 6913 deihton. Energy intake, expenditure and balance during a pre-season.

kevin deighton thesis

Data entry was checked by one other author KDand discrepancies were discussed and checked again. Find what you’re looking for Find Icon.

This analysis was only performed for acylated ghrelin as there were not enough studies reporting data for total PYY or total GLP-1 to obtain sufficiently precise and meaningful estimations of metaregression slope. Abstract In lean individuals, acute aerobic exercise is reported to transiently suppress sensations of appetite, suppress blood concentrations of acylated ghrelin AGand increase glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 and peptide-YY PYY.

Deighton K; Douglas J; Pryke H; Stensel DJ Modest food restriction stimulates increases in appetite that do not occur in response to an equivalent exercise-induced energy deficit. Nevertheless, it was extremely difficult to eradicate this problem because all studies were crossover in design rather than separate study arms and we already had to impute a within-subjects correlation for the meta-analysis because study authors tend not to report directly the standard deviation of the mean change.

Again, this can only be speculated as the studies included in both the review by Schubert et al.