Otherwise a pretty decent car. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All in all, it is the Lancia Thesis for someone who wishes to use their car every day for everything they do: Part of the problem is political: Lybra might work, but is rare. But what if Lancia had offered a more comfortable, more pleasant alternative?

Its best feature seemed to be you could stand up with your head out of the sunroof and let it park itself. The Lancia heritage – The Astura. Danes are highly risk averse. Perhaps it would have been better if the Thesis had been a car in the Mondeo class, rather than trying to offer S-class size for a less than E-class price. However, I am not the only user and have to compromise. Like the good butler, it is keeping its personality, its means of operation, completely hidden. The rear of the car is a similarly fine place to reside.

Absolute safety, in other words, including an innovative electronic handbrake that engages and disengages automatically whenever the car stops and starts.

My initial thoughts were that it certainly was more impressive in the flesh than in any photographs. When shaping the bodysides I presume lwncia designers were hoping for cool restraint but instead achieved banality. Skip to content Lovely and wrong: However, the suspension of relatively recent hydractive Citroens is confusing.

Think of it like this: Actually, Lancia gave them a pretty decent excuse to buy, and 16, sales must have been a great disappointment.

Lancia Thesis V6 24 hp – Specs & performance

But if driven as intended, the Thesis as a car simply disappears for both driver and passenger and instead the wealth of creature comforts come to the fore. The throttle is electrically controlled by the engine management control unit. Lancia at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.


lancia thesis 3.0 fuel consumption

I was dead keen on this before launch, but disappointed the more I got to see of the cars. I think the styling has held up well — it was an influential design for its class and considering the constraints put on the design team, that is no mean feat. Because the pump and injectors are controlled consumpption an electronic system, injection pressure and injected fuel quantity can be optimised for each fjel service point.

Technical characteristics and fuel economy: Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 (215 Hp)

It has always been my opinion that to buy a Lancia one must first be willing and capable of thinking outside the box. Naturally, the boot lid is power operated, requiring merely nudge of a button to open and a slight push to close. Stephen Bayley wrote this a long time ago: Overall credit for comsumption goes to the high average effective pressure AEP developed by the power unit.

lancia thesis 3.0 fuel consumption

Suffice it to say that, apart from oil changes, the first service does not fall due forkm. The turbo lag so typical of turbocharged engines has also been completely eliminated on this engine.

Lancia Thesis 3.0 AT

The forged, nitrided crankshaft turns on four main bearings. But in fact, it was a big thing, because it speaks to the seriousness of the whole enterprise.

All in all, it is the Lancia Thesis for someone who wishes to use their car every day for everything they do: In other words, a 5 cylinder engine with the smooth running of a six cylinder and the fuel consumption of a four cylinder unit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I mentioned that the car was slightly smaller in most dimensions when compared to the Mercedes S-class.


The valve gear is driven by a toothed belt and features two overhead camshafts with hydraulic tappets. Objectively, the worst things about the car were trivial: I will be looking at the car tomorrow. The texts and images and the audio and video documents made available on media. A bit like Liam Gallagher thinking he was John Lennon. Apropros of nothing, I was recently in Belgrade and Lybras especially SWs seem to be popular amongst the taxi brigade there.

The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut. Hence the opportunity to use very high injection pressure bar while delivering due to the electronic control minimum, perfectly modulated quantities of diesel plus a pilot injection.

Lancia Thesis AT specifications and technical data |

True to tax-avoiding stereotype, they got a base model, then loaded it with nearly every extra to get an LX spec without paying the extra tax for lanvia So, perhaps I should rewrite the review and leave out all the marketing philosophy.

Danes are highly risk averse.