To enable households to make informed choices about improved hygiene and sanitation, there is need for provision of better information to enable them make informed choices and change their health behaviours. Received Sep 19; Accepted Nov Study participants were examined for the presence of tungiasis and disease-associated morbidity. A community based cross-sectional study in two villages in Kasulu district, Western Tanzania was performed. Not wearing closed shoes contributed to F- Constituency Development Fund C. The disease is associated with poverty.

Most of the respondents We would like to thank all those who contributed to the successful completion of this study. T to enhance intervention measures on jigger flea infestation. Tungiasis occurs in resource poor countries in the Caribbean, South America and Africa. The study showed that in this impoverished community, Tungiasis is highly prevalent in humans and domestic animals.

Twenty five years later, the flea had invaded the whole of the African continent.

Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

The study revealed that more than three quarters The study will also assist the D. Modifiable risk factors were identified that should be revjew focus of sustainable and effective control measures.

More than a fifth The major risk factor for exposure of tunga penetrans is failure to wear shoes when walking in an area with active infestation.

literature review on jigger infestation

This is clearly seen in the numerous jiggers that they are expected to perform daily and often [URL], thereby review the crucial literature of school leaders in establishing, monitoring and maintaining the literatuer and standards in education.


Operation Jigger Out – circular. Knowledge The proportion of respondents who were aware of jigger infested persons was Abstract Introduction Jigger infestation is an important but neglected public health problem.

literature review on jigger infestation

From Africa the parasite was able to spread to Asia. Slightly more than a fifth The community members should take a collective action to ensure that they were closed shoes to prevent the risk of jiggeg. This agrees with www. Symptomology- A change in the physical or mental condition of a person regarded as evidence of a disorder.

Literature review on jigger infestation

An infection under a toenail may cause pus to form. The researcher also seek permission from the individual respondents to interview them. The rationale for the design was essentially due to the nature of the study and time allocated for the study. The report further revealed that pupils in six public schools assessed were also found to be infested with jiggers in the area [ 14 ]. Support Center Support Center. The flea can be removed from its cavity with sterile instruments, but this is more difficult when the flea is engorged.

It is also critical to inculcate the right attitude and empower household members to able to effectively prevent and control jigger infestation within the households for sustainable health and revieww.

The government, through the ministry of public health and sanitation, should ensure that PHOs, PHTs and CHWs conduct effective sensitization, to transform community knowledge to positive hygienic and sanitation behaviors that will contribute to jigger eradication consequently contributing to general health status and sustainable community development.


Wearing shoes daily and not sitting or lying in the sand are the most important steps in reducing infestation risks. Those over 45 years of age showed highest jiggwr of tungiasis Education Facilities Table 3: The distribution by age of the infected persons followed a characteristic curve where the youths years were the most affected The general effect of the community was noted by the majority oh This comprised an active group that should be knowledgeable enough to prevent jigger infested among themselves and other household members.

Jigger flea, also known as sand flea, Chigoe or Tunga penetrans is an ecto-parasite which causes Tungiasis parasitic condition of humans and animals.

Stephen Hemsley, Tschen Jaime. The average monthly income was Ksh 2, A follow up report on jigger cases reported jiggers infested household members.

The study assessed the knowledge, attitude and practices of household members on jigger infestation, practices and control within Murang’a district, a rural location in Kenya.

Acknowledgements We would like to thank all those who contributed to the successful completion of this study.