Learning Outcomes Develop knowledge of educational theories, research, and diverse instructional practices. Links to Qualitative Methods. The number of credits in each content area may be specified as well. The PhD research is aimed at contributing to the body of research knowledge – either new research or adding to research already completed in the field. You may also need to review the ethics codes of other professional organizations — gerontology, child research, etc.

Writing Style APA style also provides guides for clear writing. Students who do not complete their program within these requirements may be dismissed. Many Learners discover that they need more intensive writing assistance. The PhD Program may be completed in 60 semester credit hours. Dissertation courses are automatically scheduled and accepted without a break in scheduling to ensure that students remain in continuous enrollment throughout the dissertation course sequence. The rules for a dissertation differ somewhat from the rules for a journal article.

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Explore the rest of this site to gain more information about licensure, particularly the national exam that states require. Read one or more books on the dissertation process. The Doctor of Philosophy in Sport and Athletic Management is a rigorous, nfu degree program requiring students to apply educational concepts and management principles in the planning, organizing, leading, and directing of sports and athletics.

Set your grammar check to Grammar and Style.

ncu dissertation handbook

Don’t be surprised if a mentor tells you that you are not writing at the graduate level because dissertstion spelling, grammar, and organization — the NCU writing hajdbook describes what is expected for graduate level writing. Changes may come in the form of government statutes, rules, and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of Northcentral University, or by the President or designee.


Many NCU course syllabi include links to specialized websites related to the content of the course.

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These allow you dissdrtation become part of a world-wide community of scholars who share your interests. The first page is called a title page: Although a search of amazon.

Use a page break to advance dissertatioon a new page control-enter rather than a series of “enter keys” presses. Competency in Research Writing Skills – PhD students are required to show competency in writing skills for research purposes through their Northcentral University graduate coursework before being assigned to any dissertation courses.

A PhD dissertation is a scholarly documentation of research that makes an original contribution to the field of study. The state board for Psychology functions independently of the board for master’s degree licenses.

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hanxbook Some important websites include: To find out about more specialized organizations, do a search on http: The General Psychology specialization allows the greatest flexibility in selecting courses; Learners in general psychology construct a program of study designed to match their own unique interests.

However, recent APA style guidelines encourage use of first person writing.

Communicate with diverse audiences about educational theories, research, and practices. Handook Marriage and Family Therapy specialization requires more credits than the other specializations at the master’s degree level. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the Northcentral University Nccu, students and others who use the Catalog should note that laws, rules, and policies change from time to time and that these changes may alter the information contained in this publication.

In addition, Learners seeking to transfer credits taken elsewhere usually find that more credits can be applied to the general specialization. Pay attention to the requirements for: These three neuro-reflexes are related to.


Defend a member of north central, northcentral university, faculty dissertation titles Get your EdD in E-Learning at Northcentral University. Think about nccu topics as you go through your NCU courses — keep a journal for writing down ideas that you have as you are doing reading for your courses, choose paper topics that might lead to a dissertation idea, ask a mentor about the feasibility of a research idea. We also encourage you to subscribe to one or more e-mail discussion groups.

Allow word wrap in each paragraph. Citations in the reference list must use a “hanging indent” — do not do this manually hancbook Word will do it automatically with a shortcut, control-t or go through the Format, Paragraph menu to set a hanging indent. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is the major guide for preparing academic reports. Two practicum courses may count toward the Ph.

ncu dissertation handbook

The exact license designations for mental health counselors are listed by state in this chart. Therefore, the program is now designed for students enrolling today to take advantage of these revised course structures, lengths, and schedules.

Ethics in Research and Practice. Conduct educational research that contributes to the body of knowledge specific to a discipline. Fees, deadlines, academic requirements, courses, degree programs, academic policies, and other matters described in this Catalog may change without notice.