In Goma, scientists say the population remains at risk of further volcanic eruptions. Home Explore Case study of a Volcanic eruption: Emergency supplies of food BP5 – dried food and biscuits for three to five days had not been stockpiled before the eruption. More information about the recent eruptive activity can be found in the Current Activity page. Congolese officials reported three flows. The effects of the January eruption and evacuation on the already existing complex emergency were apparently small, but the long-term consequences of the psychological and economic impacts, and the political repercussions surrounding the future of Goma, are possibly yet to unfold. WHO should provide the organisational bridge between the volcano scientists and health experts and health care providers.

No one knows how many people the volcano killed. A sudden re-opening of the eruption fracture at m elevation allowed the lava lake in the summit crater to drain out violently. Some important findings on the vulnerability of the population have emerged which relate to the eruption occurring in a region already affected by a complex humanitarian emergency and these should be considered in emergency planning and preparedness. The centre of the outbreak was probably Goma. Nyiragongo was in , when the lava flow covered 20 square kilometers, killed 2, people, and destroyed houses and a kilometre section of road. For the local people, as Tazieff learned, the volcano was a resting place for the souls of their ancestors. Many affected families remain with host families, or have moved into transitional shelters.

Use the resources and links that can be found on this page to produce a detailed case study of the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo. A medical team at Gisenyi Hospital also worked through the eruption. The scientific monitoring and evaluation work will all be useless unless the lines of communication between the GVO scientists, foreign scientists and the appropriate officials, plus the local people, are all in place, and a satisfactory method of warning the people exists in the event of an impending future eruption.

Scientific forecasting and relief agency preparedness and response. This support will continue until early Over the years, his monitoring equipment has been stolen and vandalized, yet he has persisted. There is abundant evidence from around the globe that post-disaster economies revive quickly if everyone has a little money to spend.


The volcano 12 miles north of Goma sent two lava flows into the city of half a million. The very fluid lava flows were not considered to be a major threat to Goma. People who stayed in the town reported that lava had flowed onto the runway and taxiway at Goma’s airport but that the facility could still be used.

The lessons that need to be considered in volcanic risk management for the present population of the Goma area include the following:.

nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study a level

Normally, 30 megawatts is needed in Goma, but 200 could only supply 20 megawatts, so supplies tended to be cut off in a rotation around the city and its environs. The shallow magma chamber is likely directly connected to the lava lake located in the main crater, explaining the persistence of the lava lake activity.

These events raised international concern over the hazard of the two volcanoes to the settled refugees. Volcanic hazard risks, scientific forecasts and warnings. The commercial centre was destroyed by the main lava flow, which also over-ran the runway and put the airport out of action for days after the eruption.

Case Study: Mount Nyiragongo, Congo, January – Mindmap in A Level and IB Geography

However, diarroehal and respiratory infections are on the increase. These issues will be debated for years to come.

Injuries have been caused by lava, firearms, and hit by vehicles leaving the area. It is characterized by outward-dipping gentle slopes surrounding the pit where the lava lake is located.

Case Study: Mount Nyiragongo, Congo, January 2002

Connect With ReliefWeb Receive news about us. The volcanic field of Nyiragongo also extends southward, in the northern basin of Lake Kivu Ross et al. Dead trees on the northern outer lecel of the crater were observed as well as evidence of slumping of the upper parts of the crater.

nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study a level

The high death rate, which was almost entirely attributable to diarrhoeal disease, was unprecedented for refugee populations up to that time. Global interactions Unit 4: The order to allow them cross into Uganda was given by Kabale Resident District Commissioner James Mwesigye after consultations with the authorities in the capital Kampala and the district security committee.


The scientific institute in which the GVO is embedded does not appear to be functioning. Although one stuey and two health centres were destroyed, access to health care actually improved after the eruption, with the temporary waving of charges.

The DR Congo government is expected to select a relocation site — most likely outside the city limits — for the tens of thousands of homeless people now living in Goma.

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Nevertheless, it was abundantly clear that, after the eruption, the one thing the people of Goma needed was money.

Shelter Needs By late February, most of the displaced population had returned to the Goma area. Food Aid Arrives for Volcano Refugees Nyiragongo Volcano Democratic Republic of Congo Sunday 20th January, Some of the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by a volcanic eruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC began to receive their first humanitarian aid Saturday, two days after a river of lava destroyed most of their home town.

nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study a level

A marked disproportional increase in attendances for eye complaints also occurred in the days following the eruption. More pumping stations are needed in case the two existing ones are damaged by csae flows. This preliminary alert targetsaffected people and estimates are calculated on the basis that Goma population totalsinhabitants for a period of 7 to 15 days. Tens of thousands have fled the city, seeking shelter with families and nyiragobgo in other Congolese towns and villages.

Many affected families remain with host families, or have moved into transitional shelters.