Case study research; design and methods. The assumption is that the proportional representation of the interests of stakeholders supports the most adequate decision. Interdisciplinarity This criterion comes close to that of holism. A corpus linguistics-based approach. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods 7e is a highly regarded Quality of service hubert papers quantitative Custome wtiting service methods homework help text that presents a comprehensive and balanced introduction to both quantitative. Encyclopedia of Case Study Research.

It turns out that qualitative data based research very well fulfills the three criteria that primarily favor the utility of research results, better than quantitative research does. For practice oriented research external validity is of less importance than for theory building, since the knowledge is primarily devel- oped for a specific case. We are aware that in certain occasions stakeholders can be considered as experts. Help Center Find new research papers in: Examples of qualitative data-based research strategies with the same aim are the comparative case study Yin and the qualitative survey Verschuren Geurts and Joldersma ; Vissers et al.

Evidence from B2C e-commerce firms. Observers may all agree but they cannot all disagree completely derived from Kendallp. Discourse-based studies across texts and semiotic modes: They were asked to assign scores of the product criteria to the four different research strategies we defined in the taxonomy developed above hubfrt a 4-point ordinal scale: Practice based research and qualitative data based research are best equipped to fulfill these criteria.

Quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius / research paper writing

For discussing the broad field of participa- tory research strategies we focus upon three examples, namely System Dynamics Modeling or Group Model Building Barlas ; Forrester and SengeDelphi studies Rescher and Gaming Duke Although there may be all kinds of expertise, such as modeling expertise and facilitating expertise, by experts we explicitly mean those people with specialized material knowledge, such as experts in domains of human resource, public policy, criminology, mass communication, business administration, environment, et cetera.


This criterion is not included because we deem it less important for practice oriented research with its focus on practical problems in a particular context, rather than aim to generalize results to other contexts.

Acceptance of the results means that people should recognize the results, emotionally support them and consider the results as legitimate. We used this analysis for interpreting the results of the quantitative analysis.

From the mean ranks of these research strategies, except for quantitative research, it can be derived that holism is a less discriminative criterion than the other criteria discussed so far.

The latter cate- gory, participatory research strategies, includes knowledge based research and practice based research. The criterion of huubert refers to the possibil- ity of integrating knowledge from different disciplines. On evaluating the performance of problem structuring methods: Hedging in hubert annual reports: With regard to the application of the criterion of manipulability of variables on the research strategies, the experts also disagreed.

quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius

Case studies using quantitative analysis contain elements of the empirical-analytical scientific approach. Strategies for professional communicators. Generalizing from case studies[ edit ] A critical case is defined as having strategic importance in relation to the general problem.

The strategies vary from workshops using brainstorm techniques where stakeholders actively generate ideas about a specific problem, to the devel- opment of participatory management games where complex processes in organizations are simulated cf.

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This is because when more than two observers are involved, agreement and disagreement are not symmetrical oppo- sites. This explains why interdisciplinarity was not clearly hubertt as a separate criterion.


quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius

Their comments sug- gested that this criterion can not be applied in general, as it depends on the design of a particular research. Scripts for group model building. Mail and internet surveys: As comparison of results with and without our rating revealed uqantitative substantially different results, we decided to leave it in.

Quantitative Analysis in Case Study

For the interpretation of these findings we use the comments of the experts. With reference to the criterion of the acceptance of the results, the experts state that the two participatory research strategies are best equipped. Griffin, London Mayer, I. Sage, Thousand Oaks Dillman, D.

Moreover, qualitative data based research strategies appear to fit better the criteria for practice oriented research than quantitative data based research. Moreover, this strategy was never evaluated as weak on a single criterion. Verifiability refers to the possibility for others than the researcher and the participants to check how the research was done and how the results were achieved.

Search within Text Subject Starts with. In yubert, this strategy is suitable when the acceptance of the research results is important.

quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius