In addition, she is shown to be determined, devoted, and imaginative. It also sparked a Broadway musical. The silver shoes represent the magic of free silver. It showed problems with American society, economy, and politics. A direct quote from the movie, “They come from miles around to eat my food and I can’t even scare you away…”, shows that not only were the farmers providing all the food for the general public, but they were badly recognized and not highly thought of. With the fall of granges, two major alliences prevailed. He supported the free silver movement.

The alliences strong supported the Grange theories of cooperation, but didn’t stop at that. In the book, a cyclone appears to come and takes Dorothy and Toto to this magical land named the Land of Oz. In the text they go through many obstacles due to the Wicked Witch. However, The Wizard of Oz has been taken to another level. Wizard of Oz Parable words – 8 pages thought that his novel was created as a parable of that time. The connection between The Wizard of Oz and the contemporary political landscape was not even raised until , when a summer school teacher named Henry Littlefield, while trying to teach the Presidential election and the turn-of-the-century Populist movement to bored history students, stumbled upon the idea of using the characters and events of The Wizard of Oz as metaphors to teach the concepts.

Wizard of Oz words – 7 pages from their homes and into cities. With the fall of granges, two major alliences prevailed.

Baum claims to have written the story solely for the pleasure of children and that he could never have imagined the impact it would have on the public. There was a connection to real life and society in the nineteenth century with the Wizard of Oz between the characters and settings from this production. Wizard Of Oz words – 10 pages The story consists of a poor, but yet joyful girl named Dorothy; who lives in Kansas.


It shows that the Wicked Witch of the West represents the untamed, and dry, drought plains in the West. The green spectacles could be used as propaganda to cloud American people mind.

The Wizard of Oz – Parable on Populism Essay Example for Free – Sample words

The lion stands for the presidential candidate in the election ofWilliam Jennings Bryan. The whole idea of populism, which was brought up by farmers during the nineteenth century who had not been satisfied by the current political system, is that the mass people will be at the center of politics.

In the text, Dorothy is a young girl who is always laughing and playing with her dog, Toto. The connection that Frank Baum used between the witches were that the east and west coasts of the county were evil and kept the Midwest in control. Dorothy is shown throughout the novel as innocent and wise. The larger group also helped influence local governments who passed laws to regulate transportation and storage rates.

Any farmer who was having economic problems was very attracted to the populist movement, enough people started beliveing in populism that action was taking place on the side of the farmers, and things they set out for were actually being done.

the wizard of oz parable on populism essay

Besides, other organizations had different view of Populists, the Populists collapsed eventually in K Rowling wrote these fantasy books to capture the desires and reams of Americans. Also a lot of local transportation and storage businesses fought back in court about the reguations set on them.

Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Almost all of the characters and things in this book symbolize something from the populist movement. How about receiving a customized one? However, even though there are many skeptics, I firmly believe that his novel was a parable on the populist movement because there are just too many symbols and connections to that time. Get inspired and start your paper now! With the rise of consumption, Americans would begin to spend their few open hours entering dream worlds of fantasy and enchantment to suppress the bland monotonous confines and shackles of the new modern society.


the wizard of oz parable on populism essay

Exploring The Wizard of Oz words – 3 pages. In the book, a cyclone appears to come and takes Dorothy and Toto to this magical land named the Land of Oz.

Bryan had a large impact during the Populist movement and fought for the rights of the common people. Baum also experienced the Panic ofwhich was a overflow of silver on the market, causing people to rush to there banks, creating bank runs. An Allegory On Populism words – 5 pages. They were receiving less money for their goods. This is present in the Lion in pn he came off as courageous at first, but was The theory on the parable is largely accepted because of the incredible amount of connections and there precise accuracy.

the wizard of oz parable on populism essay

A lot of controversy has arisen from the movie and the history on the populist movie, which got me interested.

What if we are the savages?

The Wizard Of Oz And Populism

How about make it original? I say this because Dorothy shoes are silver and she is sent to go down the yellow brick road, which can be seen as gold bricks.

Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz is a classic theatrical masterpiece, but it doesn’t take much head-scratching to find that it can be used as a parable on populism parablw well.