When Hilaal asks Askar if he finds truth in the maps he draws he responds: Could a good person live in an utterly bad one? The removal of body parts is seen as bodily sacrifice, something that many of the characters have gone through. The characters can be allegorically read as portraying areas or countries. Nuruddin Farah was born and spent his first twenty years in Somalia.

How can I menstruate? National consciousness which is not nationalism, is the only thing that will give us an international dimension. This sort of liminal stance with a foot on either side of the threshold, may empower the postcolonial subject; however, at the same time it takes its toll on them, particularly on the adolescent protagonists in the three novels examined here. The protagonist, Azaro, an abiku child, is situated in a liminal position straddling the threshold between worlds because he resides partly in the consciousness of the spirit world and partly in the world of the real. His legs were longer than the tallest tree and his head was mightier than great rocks.

Poems ‘The Awakening Age’Oxfamn. Between Great Expectations and Lost Illusions. The Conclusion brings together the analysis of Azaro’s and Zahra’s identities before extending the liminal states of the protagonists to those of reader and artist.

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Upchurch, Michael’Brave New Worlds: Official website for the documentary film scripted by Ben Okri. The American University in Cairo. The disorienting effects of colonialism have left their disabling imprint on the adolescent protagonists of the novels analyzed here.

Choudhury, Saradashree’Folklore and Society in Transition: This could be read allegorically as the pull of colonialism or other hegemonic forces constantly attempting to seduce the nation from its goal of a liberated existence. They have all been born in challenging situations and have been able to endure the first stage of their rite of passage; however, they are all still left in the transitional limen phase of the rite of passage straddling the threshold to fullness of adulthood or complete and coherent statehood.


Ogunbayo, Sola’Crystallizing Idyllic Africa: The Introduction demonstrates the centrality of identity to these novels kkri the domain of om studies and defines the key concepts in relevant literary, theoretical and political contexts: This points benn the efficacy of national allegory within a bildungsroman or liminal novel.

Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literatures. Contemporary African Literature and the Politics of Gender. The protagonist is left in a liminal stance– ambiguity of no identity is one of the repercussions of this state. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Liminality as identity in four novels by Ben Okri and Tahar ben Jelloun

The characters can be allegorically read as portraying areas or countries. If you would like a feature that is not listed at right, we will include that feature at your request.

He also sees the status of his father and mother in the turbulent society of Nigeria and he has the added task of making his way down the road to adulthood in this trying environment. History, Post-Structuralism, and the Colonial Context. This reflects the strong urge of both the postcolonial subject and nation to choose rejuvenation and to move beyond the liminal phase. This birth will theais fertility to the land, peace and prosperity to the country.


All Third World texts are necessarily, I want to argue, allegorical, and in a very specific way: Chatterjee, Gouri'”A politics without dreams ln arid and barren”: The postcolonial liminal novel allows for the description of a self-renewal which helps the subjects deal with the emasculating effects which leave the postcolonial subjects fragmented and unsure of their sexual, national and cultural integrity.

He has not been oj to identify fully with the stable figure in his Lacanian mirror.

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The Post-Colonial Studies Reader. One day I was playing on the sand when they called me from across the road with the voice of my mother.

The young protagonists examined here are each struggling in their own way to traverse and overcome this nightmare; at thrsis same time they struggle to step over the threshold or liminal stage into maturity. The Famished Road can okdi read as an allegory of the birth of a nation, as the novel is set on the eve of independence of the state of Nigeria from Britain.

thesis on ben okri